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Lunabrite Taps Backbone Media for Launch

Lunabrite Light Technology Press Release - 9/26/2007

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Lunabrite is a sewable trim piping offering high performance, energy efficient light.

Lunabrite luminescent lighting strips

Lunabrite luminescent lighting strips

MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J. - Backbone Media has been selected by Lunabrite, Inc. of Mountain Lakes, New Jersey to launch Lunabrite Light Technology to the architectural, marine, outdoor recreation, and pet markets (to name a few).

Lunabrite™ is a patent pending, high performance, photo luminescent (rechargeable by light), flexible light tube technology. Lunabrite is a sewable trim piping offering high performance, energy efficient light. It regenerates with sun or lamp light, requiring no batteries or electricity.

“This technology provides an innovative lighting solution that has many practical night time applications. While it has obvious uses in the emergency and public safety fields, we are seeing it’s relevance in other industries such as architectural, marine, apparel, footwear, and a wide range of outdoor equipment. As it can be customized to attach to virtually any product, we are very excited about the design possibilities that Lunabrite creates,” stated Lunabrite co-founder and inventor, Peter B. Tarlton.

Activating within 5 minutes of exposure to a light source, brightness is directly proportional to light intensity and exposure it receives. Maximum brightness can be achieved with exposure to only 30 minutes of direct light and can be seen as far as 100 yards away. While the brightest light is emitted during the initial 3-4 hours after exposure, the perceptible glow can be visible up to a maximum of 12 hours.

Lunabrite Light Technology is available in two colors (arctic blue and spruce green) and in diameters ranging from 5/16” up to 1/2" (brightness increases with diameter) with a 1/4” selvage edge for mechanical attachment or with custom profiles. It is machine washable, non-toxic: child and pet safe. It is also weather/UV resistant and anti microbial. Lunabrite is designed to withstand mechanical shocks and strains, with no known failure modes.

Tarlton stated, “We have retained Backbone Media to help our company elevate the visibility of our brand. Backbone was a natural choice because they have many years of experience building ingredient brands within the outdoor and lifestyle markets. With all its possibilities for use, we want Lunabrite to become a familiar resource for designers everywhere.”

A bright, new innovation designed to illuminate and protect people, pets and property. Lunabrite offers style and safety benefits for any nighttime activity. For more information, visit or call 973-794-1062.

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