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Fraen Announces New Optics for Cree LEDs

Fraen Corporation Press Release - 9/28/2007

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New Fraen Low Profile FC seriesfor Cree® XR and XR-E LEDs

Low Profile FC series for Cree® XR and XR-E LEDs

Low Profile FC series for
Cree® XR and XR-E LEDs

READING, Ma. - Fraen Corporation is announcing the availability of the new FC lens series specifically designed for Cree XR and XR-E LED.

The intent of the redesign was to provide the maximum performance possible utilizing the performance benefits of this new LED.

The FC offering includes narrow, medium, wide and a new 10x50 elliptical.

Made from optical grade PMMA with long-term material stability to high temperature.

Optics have been designed specifically for Cree XR and XR-E LEDs, reaching highest value of "on-axis" efficiency.

Lenses can be purchased either alone or as an assembly. The lens assembly ensures the proper alignment between the LED and the Fraen lens. The Fraen lens assembly can be secured by gluing it to the PCB.

View Datasheet, with full technical information

About Fraen Corporation

Who would have predicted that an optical R&D company created in 2000 would revolutionize the lighting industry? Recognizing the need for advanced optical research and development, Fraen Corporation assembled a team of world-class optical scientists, engineers and designers, forming Fraen Srl. Its devotion to discovery has positioned this young company as an industry leader and innovator. Since its inception in 2000, Fraen Srl has defined the concept of MAXIMIZING LIGHT!

From automotive lighted instrumentation pointers, to fiber optic couplers and light pipes, to high-efficacy TIR collimators, Fraen Srl has developed products that manage light in ways never before achieved in the lighting industry. Fraen Srl's success stems from its ability to constantly develop new products to meet the demands of current customers and future markets. As a result of its rich knowledge and innovation of optical systems, Fraen Srl has become the world's leader in focusing light from high-powered Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).

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