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MereGear Introduces
New Focus Beam Flashlights

MereGear, a leading supplier of advanced outdoor products, announces new Coast LED Lenser focus beam flashlights

MereGear Press Release - 10/16/2007

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Tactical Focus Beam - LL7438

Tactical Focus Beam - LL7438

WAUKEE, Ia. - MereGear is announcing a new line of LED flashlights with remarkably powerful focusing beams. The flashlights are manufactured by Coast LED Lenser, who is known as the industry leader in LED flashlight technology. They have adapted their patented Prism Reflector System to create an adjustable beam, which is unprecedented in the outdoors product business.

LED flashlight users can now choose from a powerful focused beam to see objects clearly at a distance, or choose a wide beam to illuminate a larger, close-up area. Coast LED Lenser's patent pending focusing lens technology also prevents dark spots, which is typical of other focusing LED flashlight technology when moving from a concentrated beam to a wide beam.

This new focusing technology comes with all the benefits of Coast LED flashlights, with a maximum of 100,000 hours of service; shock proof, water resistant and durable metal casings; and ten times the battery life of a standard incandescent flashlight. Four models are currently available with this new focusing technology; two that run off standard alkaline batteries, and two that run off rechargeable batteries.

Technical Specifications:

Tactical Focus Beam - LL7438

• 3.44 maximum wattage
• 83 lumens output
• 100 hours battery life
• Three AAA batteries

V2 Focus Beam - LL7845

• 1.5 maximum wattage
• 45.1 lumens output
• 34 hour battery life
• Three AAA batteries

V2 3W Rechargeable Focus Beam -LL7862

• 5.6 maximum wattage
• 79 lumens output
• 24 hour battery life on one charge
• Single rechargeable battery

DigiTac Rechargeable Focus Beam - LL7853

• 3.5 maximum wattage
• 67 lumens output
• 72.5 hour battery life on one charge
• Single rechargeable battery

For more information about the new focusing beam flashlights and Coast's complete line of products, including a wide selection of LED flashlights, knives and tools, go to

About MereGear:

MereGear supplies superior products for the established outdoorsman, specializing in LED flashlights, emergency lights, safety lights and other LED lights, as well as folding knives, fixed blade knives, fishing knives, hunting knives, multi-tools and most other kinds of knives. They only offer products from leaders in the industry, which they have personally used and tested.

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