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Composiflex Ballistic
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Composiflex, Inc. Press Release - 10/17/2007

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Ballistic shield includes button-activated, LED and halogen lighting options that provide powerful "flash/strobe-light" and "blinder" outputs

Ballistic Shields from Composiflex

Ballistic Shields from Composiflex

ERIE, Pa. - Composiflex, a global supplier of highly-engineered composite products, has a new, patent-pending ballistic shield on the market with advanced features designed to maximize user protection.

Traditional ballistic shields have smaller view ports yielding limited visibility and necessitating shield-position adjustments when users try to simultaneously view and aim. Composiflex's HG Series of Level IIIA ballistic shields includes view ports that run the entire width of the shield, providing a continuous field of view for protection and aiming accuracy. Available in three sizes (19" x 34"; 22" x 36"; and 22" x 48"), the shields feature a contour allowing straighter arm positions during shooting.

Fabricated using aramid ballistic materials and weighing approximately 17 lbs., Composiflex's 22" x 36" HG Series, Level IIIA ballistic shield is one of the lightest available in the marketplace. The shield also has an ergonomically-designed handle, enabling users to hold the shield in position for a long period of time, as well as button-activated, LED and halogen lighting options that provide powerful "flash/strobe-light" and "blinder" outputs.

Recently field tested in two events at the 2007 Original SWAT World Challenge in Little Rock, Ark., Composiflex's HG Series of Level IIIA ballistic shields received positive reviews from both SWAT team members and U.S. soldiers. Their feedback prompted Composiflex to slightly modify the shield's handle and contour features for greater ease of use.

About Composiflex:

Designing and manufacturing advanced, high-performance composites for more than 20 years, Composiflex's strong suits are a knowledgeable engineering staff, "art-to-part" projects, cost-effective rapid prototyping of parts, a range of modern manufacturing technologies, and material selection expertise - all of which contribute to the company's reputation for producing composites yielding consistent quality and reliability.

Specializing in custom-designed composite products, Composiflex serves the industrial equipment, ballistics, armor/security, aerospace, military, medical device and recreational equipment markets. Some of the company's current product applications include:

  • Lightweight ballistic plates, shields and personal armor
  • Armor panels for both aircraft and vehicles
  • Aerospace components
  • Fatigue-tested, e-glass/epoxy, carbon/epoxy and temperature resistant springs for industrial applications and vibrator/conveyer systems
  • Industrial automation components
  • Robot arms
  • Carbon fiber radiographic medical imaging tops and cradles, as well as radiolucent patient positioning and retracting devices
  • Oncology breast boards
  • Rigid and flexible orthopedic and orthotic devices
  • Down hole drilling
  • MRI components
  • Recreational helmets.

Certified to ISO 9001:2000, Composiflex conducts operations in a 34,000-square-foot facility based in Erie, Pa. For more information, contact Composiflex at 8100 Hawthorne Drive, Erie, Pa., 16509, or visit Phone: (814) 866-8616.

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