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The Tiny Torch
That Packs a Mighty Punch Press Release - 10/24/2007

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Nitepalm Palm4 offers a stronger, super-intense beam of light

Nitepalm Palm4 from

Nitepalm Palm4 from

SOUTH WALES, United Kingdom. - The all new power-packed Nitepalm Palm4 offers a stronger, super-intense beam of light and is the ideal compact and durable lighting device for outdoor enthusiasts, offering functionality and performance that far outweighs other devices in it’s class.

Standing a mere 8.5cm high, this tiny torch packs a powerful punch. It’s high-intensity LED light is powered by a single 9v battery (included) and pierces through darkness with ease, providing the user with a level of visibility normally associated with larger, more cumbersome torches. Not only this, but the Palm4 offers three further lighting modes to enhance the torches appeal to outdoor enthusiasts everywhere - a soft ‘always-on’ glow for locating the device at night, low beam for map reading and other close-up tasks and an emergency SOS strobe setting to allow users to be seen from over 2 miles away!

The Palm4’s compact size, ABS shock-resistant casing with rubber coating and powerful light make the product applicable to a wide range of outdoor uses – from walking, climbing and hiking, to night fishing, camping and sailing! With the included magnetic belt clip the Palm4 can also be rotated through 360 degrees and used ‘hands-free’ on hats, belts, tents, etc. to provide additional flexibility. The Palm4 is also water resistant to 4 metres.

The new Palm4 is available with white, green, red or blue LEDs.


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