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Cobra StunLight Helps
Disable Armed Assailant

Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc. Press Release - 10/29/2007

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Universal Guardian's self-defense flashlight used to disarm gun-toting attacker

Universal Guardian's Cobra Stunlight™

Universal Guardian's Cobra Stunlight™

NEWPORT BEACH, Ca.- Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: UGHO), an emerging global leader in non-lethal protection products and strategic security services to protect against terrorist, criminal, and security threats, today announced another incident occurred where its Cobra StunLight™ was successfully used to help disable an armed assailant. Jeremiah Day, while performing his part-time job of booting illegally parked cars in downtown Atlanta, was accosted by an armed man threatening to shoot him. Mr. Day tried reasoning with the armed man and the situation quickly deteriorated.

"He was yelling at me that he was going to shoot me in the face," said Mr. Day, "I always carry my Cobra StunLight™ when I am on the job, given the dangerous situations I sometimes face." Mr. Day continued, "As soon as I had the chance, I sprayed him in the face with the StunLight's pepper spray. It shot straight and accurate. He immediately fell to the ground and dropped the gun. I was able to call the police and he was arrested."

Kevin Westcott, President and COO of Universal Guardian Holdings stated, "We are pleased to hear stories like Mr. Day's where the non-lethal protection provided by the Cobra StunLight™ swiftly and effectively diffused a dangerous confrontation."

The patented Cobra StunLight™ is a 3-in-1 personal protection device used by international law enforcement agencies and security professionals around the world. The Cobra StunLight™ offers escalating use-of-force to debilitate one or more assailants through the use of a high-intensity LED flashlight, a psychological deterring red laser aiming device, and launches a ballistic stream of pepper spray from safe distances of up to 20'.

About Universal Guardian Holdings Inc.

Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc. (UGHO) and its subsidiaries provide a range of security products and services designed to mitigate terrorist and security threats worldwide. Universal Guardian's global risk mitigation group includes strategic and tactical security services, as well as non-lethal and tactical products for law enforcement, military, professional security and consumer markets.

For more information, visit Universal Guardian Holdings website:

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