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DeWalt Launches
XPS Worklight for Miter Saws

DeWalt Industrial Tool Co. Press Release - 10/29/2007

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First Integrated L.E.D. Worklight Accessory that Increases Visibility for more Accurate Cuts

Miter Saw LED Work Light System from DeWALT

Miter Saw LED Work Light System from DeWALT

HAMPSTEAD, Md. - DeWALT, a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools, today announced the launch of its Crosscut Positioning System (XPS™) worklight (DWS7085). The DWS7085 can be easily mounted onto the cutting head of the DW713, DW715, DW716 and DW718 miter saws, providing users with an additional light source that helps to increase productivity and cut alignment.

Professional contractors often work in dimly lit areas, which slows the pre-cut process, makes pre-measured marks on material difficult to see, and creates inconsistent cuts. DEWALT has engineered the XPS™ worklight to enhance productivity, visibility and accuracy by creating an unobstructed view of the miter cut area.

The DWS7085 is designed with a Crosscut Positioning System that offers a blade shadow cut line indicator, helping users to make fast and accurate cuts to materials of all widths. The worklight is powered by a separate power supply enabling users to use the light with or without blade operation.

For increased durability, the DWS7085 can be secured tightly to the miter saw and is not vulnerable to vibration. The encapsulated L.E.D. lamp ensures that the XPS™ worklight is moisture resistant and weather tolerant for use in any jobsite environment. DEWALT engineered the XPS™ worklight with a L.E.D. lamp that lasts up to five years.

About DeWALT

DeWALT is a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools with more than 300 power tool and equipment products as well as 800 power tool accessories, including corded and cordless drills, saws, hammers, grinders, routers, planers, plate joiners, sanders, lasers, generators, compressors and nailers, as well as saw blades, metal and masonry drill bits, abrasives, screw driving accessories and more. DeWALT tools can be found wherever tools are sold, nationally and internationally. With over 1,000 factory owned and authorized locations DeWALT has one of the most extensive service and repair networks in North America.

For more information, visit the company's website at:

Specifications: DeWALT XPS Cross Cut Positioning System Worklight (DWS7085)

  • Model DWS7085
  • Compatible Units DW713, DW715, DW716, DW718
  • Life Expectancy Up to 5 years
  • Separate Power Supply Yes
  • Suggested Retail Price $59.99
  • Warranty 3 year limited warranty/1 year free service/90 day money back guarantee

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