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TerraLUX Issued Two Key Patents

TerraLUX Inc. Press Release - 12/19/2007

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Technology covers existing LED upgrades for incandescent bulbs plus many future uses of LEDs

OptiStar3™ Dental Headlamp from TerraLUX

OptiStar3™ Dental Headlamp from TerraLUX

BOULDER, Co. - TerraLUX® has been awarded two patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office concerning core technology enabling the commercialization of LED replacements for incandescent bulbs in everything from flashlights to medical and architectural lighting.

TerraLUX designs and manufactures LED lighting products that replace incandescent lighting in applications ranging from surgical instruments like laryngoscopes and dental headlamps to conventional flashlights. TerraLUX LED Light Engines® replace existing incandescent light bulbs with products that are brighter, last nearly forever, have a vastly higher energy efficiency and eliminate replacement maintenance costs. Markets currently serviced by TerraLUX LED Light Engines® include industrial, medical, dental, automotive and hardware.

According to Dr. Anthony Catalano, CEO and founder of TerraLUX, “TerraLUX LED lighting technology now makes it the first choice for all high performance portable DC applications. In 2008 TerraLUX will enter the AC lighting marketplace with leading edge products the market has been waiting for based on our patented technology. We expect to partner with several national lighting companies who will sell Terralux products. TerraLUX also expects its products to enter distribution through major US retail channels in 2008.”

TerraLUX patented technology covers existing LED upgrades for incandescent bulbs plus many future uses of LEDs that are still in development from self-regulating incandescent replacements to remote control of LED arrays with unique optics, color control and other decorative features.

The two patents, both issued at the end of November, are 7,296,913 B2 and 7,300,173 B2. Many other TerraLUX applications are being considered by the Patent Office.

For additional information on TerraLUX, contact Carl Kalin, VP Sales and Marketing at, 1-866-498-1564 or visit

About TerraLUX, Inc., 1501 Lee Hill Drive, Boulder, CO 80304

TerraLUX, Inc. designs, patents, manufactures and distributes LED and related technology in a variety of OEM, industrial and consumer markets including portable lighting for professional, medical, automotive, industrial, and commercial use. TerraLUX manufactures its products in Colorado, including Boulder County as well as several locations around the US and Asia.

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