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Task Light on Hwy; Still Operates

ClipLight Manufacturing Press Release - 12/19/2007

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'15 inch-long pipe' turns out to be automotive work light, survives busy highway traffic

Paul Ferguson and the HEMIPRO found on I-15

Paul Ferguson and the HEMIPRO found on I-15

SALT LAKE CITY, Ut. - They say good deeds reap rewards, but the good Samaritan deed of Paul Ferguson had a surprising chain of events after the Utah resident pulled his car over to retrieve what he originally thought was a steel pipe laying in the middle of a six-lane state highway overpass of Interstate-15 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

If a car or truck ran over it, Ferguson thought, the pipe could be launched like a missile through a windshield and potentially cause an accident.

Once retrieving it however, the 15-inch-long pipe turned out to be a newly-designed automotive task light recently introduced by Cliplight Mfg., Toronto, a Canadian automotive aftermarket service products provider. was new until an indeterminate amount of cars, trucks and other vehicles had run over it like road kill in what most product manufacturers would consider an extreme stress test.

The access end cap that holds the rechargeable four-hour battery was long gone, but the cordless 3-LED light actually lit up once Ferguson switched it on while holding the battery in place during a whim of complete optimism.

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As a coordinator in Utah's vehicle fleet maintenance department, Ferguson knew the value of professional automotive task lights and wrote an email to Cliplight to buy the accompanying AC charger and a new end cap. "We designed the Hemipro™ work light to withstand a lifetime of accidental drops by service techs, but I have to admit its successful stint as road kill on a major highway is a little surprising to us," said Nick Bush, Cliplight's U.S. Sales Manager / Automotive Products, who sent Ferguson a complementary end cap and battery charger for sharing his tale.

"For this new generation of patented LED task light that just came on the scene this year we've been promoting the super-wide, 70° powerful beam with a whiter, brighter and more even light disbursement characteristics they have over the older generation LED's or a conventional 75-watt lightbulb," Bush said, "but maybe we should start touting the durability more as well."

Available at most automotive trade distributors, the Hemipro LED light has a resilient polycarbonate lens shield and tough plastic encasement. It's a more durable alternative to fluorescent task lights or traditional light bulbs in a protective cage/extension cord set-up that typically break after accidental impacts.

"I guess we now know we're covered if a service tech accidentally runs over the Hemipro in his service stall," quipped Bush.

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