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Wolf Worklite Sales Gather Momentum

Wolf Safety Lamp Company Press Release - 12/31/2007

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Portable industrial worklight has 1000 lumen output, 12 hour runtime

ATEX Certified Worklite from Wolf Safety

ATEX Certified Worklite from Wolf Safety

SHEFFIELD, United Kingdom - Since its summer launch, the new ATEX Certified Worklite from Wolf Safety has received some excellent evaluations and has already achieved a notable level of sales from a variety of quarters.

To date, 100 units have been sold to a leading UK offshore tank cleaner and maintenance contractor who has completely re-equipped his portable lighting needs with the ATEX Worklite. Other significant sales have come from utility companies, where the product is being used to light tunnels, sewers and drains.

This portable lamp which has no trailing cables and a 1000 lumens light output, incorporates a cluster of ‘fitted for life’ LEDs to produce a 30 degree floodlight for up to 30m, facilitating a host of difficult inspection and maintenance tasks in confined hazardous areas. The 12 hour duration on full beam ensures that the Worklite will last a full maintenance shift.

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Regular Worklite sales enquiries continue to come from the petrochemical industry for its use in maintenance shutdowns, the automotive industry for lighting internal paint booths, the railway industry for tunnel inspections and the armed forces for illuminating repairs to fuel and munitions storage.

About Wolf Safety Lamp Company

Markets for Wolf Safety Lamps are wherever explosive gases, vapours, mists and dusts are present, creating a risk of explosion. Such situations can be encountered Offshore, in the Oil Industry, on Ocean-going Tankers, within the Refining and Petrochemical Industries, in the Manufacturing and Processing of Foods Stuffs, Pharmaceuticals, Beverages, in Breweries and Distilleries, and in the utilities of Fire-fighting, Water treatment and Gas distribution.

The Company is entirely dedicated to safety and quality and in May 1995 was awarded a Certificate of Approval for its Quality Management Systems in accordance with the international standard ISO9001

For more information visit the company's website at: