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Larson Electronics Press Release - 1/07/2008

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High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting products are environmentally friendly alternatives to halogen lights

RL-12 HID Dive Light from Larson Electronics/MagnaLight

RL-12 HID Dive Light from Larson Electronics/MagnaLight

KEMP, Tx. - The growing interest in energy conservation, global warming and “green” environmentalism efforts have made new technologies popular. High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights help protect the environment and offer a wealth of additional benefits to industrial, military and consumer markets.

Due in large part to ultra bright headlights integrated into BMW, Mercedes and other luxury automobiles, everyone is learning about the unmatched power of HID lights. While HID lights dwarf incandescent bulbs in light output, people may not know that they consume less than 50% of the energy of the common light bulb. HID lights also put out far less heat than incandescent lights. Moreover, HID lights often last several thousand more hours than comparably specified halogen lights. This dramatically reduces the landfill impact, since most HID lights last decades. On the other hand, most halogen lights are treated as consumable items and are discarded and replaced every few months.

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“On, we are really seeing our sales of HID spotlights, flood lights and flashlights sky rocket,” said Rob Bresnahan, President of Larson Electronics. “Businesses, utilities, soldiers and outdoorsmen want HID spotlights and HID flashlights for high power and durability. These same customers want low amp draw and minimal maintenance and replacement costs associated with bulb replacement. There is a very real cost of halting their efforts to find and change bulbs. This costs businesses, like airlines, railroads and utilities substantial money. These customers seek out our Magnalight HID lights because they realize the total cost of ownership is much lower than incandescent halogen lights. Their goals are closely aligned with customers concerned about “going green,” who want to reduce energy consumption and landfill use. As more customers react to global warming concerns, they are starting to connect the dots, realizing that HID’s attributes deliver “green” advantages. It’s really a win-win situation for the users of HID lights and the environment of planet Earth,” concluded Rob.

While a significant investment is often required to “go green” and save the environment (i.e. buying a more fuel efficient car), High Intensity Discharge lights are a natural and easy transition. Incandescent lights will fail over a normal course of usage, so replacing old spotlights and flashlights with new HID powered lights is simply a matter of being aware of the choice. You can learn more about HID lights and Larson Electronics at or 800-369-6671.

About Larson Electronics

Larson Electronics is an emerging leader in the production and distribution of high powered lighting products for vehicles and handheld use. Please visit or contact Larson Electronics at 1-800-369-6671 for more information.