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GoMotion, Inc. Press Release - 1/17/2008

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Developer of the ‘Extend the Day™’ body-mounted lighting systems hires public relations firm

Trail Runner Litevest™ from GoMotion Inc.

Trail Runner Litevest™ from GoMotion Inc.

BOSTON, Ma. - Bringing a bright idea to active outdoor enthusiasts everywhere, GoMotion, Inc., ( will partner with Pale Morning Media for strategic media and public relations support.

GoMotion’s chest- and waist-mounted performance lighting systems extend the day through use of exclusive CoreBeam™ technology: a high-output, low-profile LED innovation that illuminates the width of a two-lane road at 25 feet.

Anchored to the sternum or waist, GoMotion’s stability is matched by its flexibility. A unique “fresnel” style lens provides acute long-range beam width adjustability as well as minute adjustments of beam angle and beam strength.

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GoMotion is brainchild of Jonathan Craig and Bob Hunnewell, a pair of Boston-based innovators that were simply not willing to shelve their running habits in the dark of a New England winter. The duo were unsatisfied with the available choices of highway reflective vests and forehead-mounted mini lamps, so they went back to the drawing board.

“We didn’t want darkness to dictate our outdoor pursuits, and we just weren’t satisfied with ‘chasing the tunnel’ of light with our headlamps,” said Craig.

GoMotion first came to life when Craig – tired of wearing an uncomfortable and marginally effective headlamp for post-work runs – fashioned a then state-of-the-art incandescent lens onto a hand-carved wood chest plate and tied it to his torso using a rope harness. Mounted over his chest for stability and minimal movement, Craig had created the foundation for a true outdoor innovation.

Taken to the next level over the last three years with the assistance of RI-based Item New Product Development, the GoMotion debut collection includes four products: the Street Runner ($89), Sternum Light Kit (for existing pack, $79), Trail Runner ($109), and Lite Belt ($69).

“GoMotion is one of those products with a true ‘ah ha!’ moment,” said Drew Simmons, president and founder of Pale Morning Media public relations. “The need is there, the product is there, and it’s a story that’s ready to be told.”

Pale Morning Media was founded in 2001 as a strategic public relations agency specializing in the outdoor world. Today, Pale Morning Media is based in the Mad River Valley of Vermont, and works with a diverse national client list on a project and retainer basis. (

Every GoMotion product features a patents-pending CoreBeam™ LED light mounted in a comfortable and stable location, making it far more effective as a lighting source for active outdoor enthusiasts than headlamps, handheld flashlights, and other traditional lighting sources.

TheGoMotion CoreBeam LED has multiple benefits, including adjustable beam angle, wide ranging beam width control, and three brightness level options. All GoMotion battery packs are external, rear mounted, and feature flashing red led safety lights (three AA Energizer batteries included).