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KHATOD Opto Announces
New Heatsinks for LED Lighting

New assortment of heatsinks suitable for fixed or portable LED lighting fixtures

KHATOD Optoelectronic S.r.l. Press Release - 1/28/2008

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Heatsinks from KHATOD Opto

Heatsinks from KHATOD Opto

MILAN, Italy - The Lighting Industry is in great flux creating a wide variety of lighting applications for power LEDs to meet the demand of the market. The diverse LED applications have produced new projects for manufacturers. Many of these applications require placement of LEDs in narrow and or recessed spaces.

This evolution is not without difficulties, such as the need to disperse the excess heat produced by LEDs. Khatod, the leading producer in the optoelectronic industry evolution, has promptly responded to the this requirement of the market by creating a new series of HEATSINKS.

They allow an excellent dispersion of the heat produced by the Power LEDs in various applications.

Khatod Heatsinks, are available with all of our families of secondary optics for the major LED manufacturers, which can be viewed on our website. The HEATSINKS can be used both in single LED solutions or in applications complying with MR11 and MR16 Standards.

KHS67 Heatsink can be used in single LED solutions.

KHS35 (32mm diameter), KHS500 (45mm diameter) and KHS502 (45mm diameter) Heatsinks can be used in all the applications where solid light is required.

The latest model created by Khatod is KHS111. This heatsink has been created for all the applications complying with AR111 Standard.

Through an innovative manufacturing system, the LED-lens-heatsink assembly is a perfect integrated unit for the market.

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