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First Intrinsically Safe
HID Flashlight Highlighted During Super Bowl

Explosion-proof high intensity discharge flashlight featured during Super Bowl halftime show

Larson Electronics Press Release - 2/06/2008

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ATX-20-S 20 watt HID Rechargeable Flashlight

ATX-20-S 20 watt HID Rechargeable Flashlight

KEMP, Tx. - The half time show at Super Bowl will feature the first intrinsically safe High Intensity Discharge (HID) flashlight, the ATX-20-S. HID metal halide lights are becoming better known for their blinding output, thanks in part to the adoption of the technology for the new Mercedes and BMW headlights. HID lights are becoming cost effective, low amp draw alternatives for ultra-high wattage halogen lights common for theater, construction and scene lighting. Now the first HID flashlight has received a safety rating that enables workers in hazardous environments to benefit from the intense light output without danger of causing explosions.

Intrinsically safe lights do not cause explosions. Thus workers in highly flammable environments, including oilfields, refineries and chemical storage tanks are required to use intrinsically safe lights. Very dusty environments common in the farm and agriculture arena also qualify as hazardous. The lights are subjected to rigorous tests, using propane filled pressure chambers to simulate hazardous environments. Lights that pass these UL specified tests are assigned a safety rating.

"Typically, workers using explosion proof lights have been relegated to fairly low power handheld units," explained Rob Bresnahan, President of Larson Electronics. "On, we carry a wide variety of heavy duty, Made in the USA handheld, intrinsically safe lights. However, most of these lights have beams that only reach 100 feet. Now, we have the first Division 1, Class 1 approved High Intensity Discharge (HID) flashlight. This means that this light can be safely used around flammable gases and explosive materials. This ATX-20-S is a 20 watt HID flashlight that projects a 1200 lumen beam that reaches more than 1000 feet. We constantly have inquiries by tank and pipeline inspectors for a more powerful explosion proof flashlight and now we have a fantastic solution on for them."

Packaged in a traditional flashlight format, the ATX-20-S combines power and convenience into a single model. As such, the coordinators of the Super Bowl halftime show choose the ATX-20-S to help them organize a special effect that includes spectator participation during the break in the most popular of gridiron football games.

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Larson Electronics manufactures and distributes a wide variety of spotlights and flashlights for military, industrial, boating and hunting applications. You can learn more at or 1-800-369-6671.

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