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Laser Devices, Inc.
and L-3 EOTech Form Strategic Alliance

Companies produce tactical accessory for small arms weapons - The EOLAD, Laser Aiming Device with Holographic Weapon Sight

Laser Devices, Inc. Press Release - 2/11/2008

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EOLAD™ Laser Aiming Device from Laser Devices

EOLAD™ Laser Aiming Device from Laser Devices

MONTEREY, Ca. - Laser Devices, Inc., manufacturer of state-of-the-art visible and infrared aiming lasers, handheld and weapon-mounted tactical lights and small arms training systems and L-3 EOTech, manufacturer of the world's first holographic sighting system have strategically aligned to produce the EOLAD™ laser with HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight™ (HWS).

The EOLAD combines the power and state-of-the-art technology of a Laser Devices' laser with the speed and precision of the EOTech 552 optic. This single, compact device provides lightening fast target acquisition with pin-point accuracy and eliminates added weight to the front of the firearm.

The EOLAD is available in the following models:

• EOLAD-2H - Infrared aiming laser (835nM / 35mW) and focusable infrared illuminator (835nM / 35mW)
• EOLAD-2 SOCOM - Infrared aiming laser (835nM / 25mW) and focusable infrared illuminator (835nM / 100mW)
• EOLAD-2L - Infrared aiming laser (835nM / 1mW) and focusable infrared illuminator (835nM / 35mW)
• EOLAD-2VI - Visible aiming laser (635nM / 5mW) and infrared aiming laser (835nM / 1mW)
• EOLAD-1V - Visible aiming laser (635nM / 5mW)
• EOLAD-1I - Infrared aiming laser (835nM / 1mW)

Designed to meet military standards, the EOLAD withstands extreme high and low temperatures, shock, vibration and is waterproof to 10 meters. The EOLAD laser is machined from anodized aircraft aluminum. Additional features include a single laser activation switch, activation and low battery indicator light and fully adjustable windage and elevation controls. The laser is activated using either a momentary remote cable pressure pad switch or an integrated momentary activation switch - press once to enable momentary activation; double tap to activate the laser in a continuous ON mode.

The EOLAD laser is equipped with both low and high power modes of operation. The electronically controlled low-power, eye safe mode is perfect for force-on-force training and CQB. Access to high power modes of operation is blocked by a safety screw. The high-power setting offers long distance pointing and illumination. The EOLAD is manufactured in the U.S.A. and ships complete with the EOTech 552 optic, batteries and a 10 inch remote cable pressure pad switch. The integrated mounting system located on the HWS allows the unit to be attached to any small arms weapon system equipped with a standard NATO or Picatinny mounting rail.

Infrared models of the EOLAD are available to law enforcement and military units only. A single visible laser pointer version of the EOLAD is also available for commercial purchase. Export of this product is regulated.

For additional information about the new EOLAD, please contact Laser Devices, Inc.

About Laser Devices, Inc.

Laser Devices, Inc. (LDI) is a manufacturer of laser aiming devices and tactical lights for firearms. The company maintains an ISO 9001:2000 Certified QMS. Founded in 1979, LDI is known for its expertise in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art visible and infrared laser based aiming devices and small arms training systems used by law enforcement and military agencies worldwide. The Company has expanded its operations to include the production of laser and white light tactical illuminators. LDI holds six (6) U.S. patents for its aiming lasers and tactical lights; and is located in Monterey, California, USA

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