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SureFire Increases Commitment to
Law Enforcement Community

SureFire, LLC, Press Release - 2/13/2008

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Cooperative effort with independent sales groups intended to serve law enforcement community more efficiently

SureFire's G3 LED Flashlight

SureFire's G3 LED Flashlight

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Ca. - SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of high-end illumination tools and tactical products, has announced a unique collaboration with its independent sales representative groups— Owen Brown & Associates and The Evans Group. This new arrangement, designed to better meet the needs of law enforcement professionals, establishes dedicated teams charged with developing new law enforcement (LE) products, improving existing SureFire LE products, and providing enhanced service to SureFire’s LE accounts.

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Recognizing that the needs of law enforcement professionals are highly specialized, the partnership has staffed these dedicated sales teams with experienced application specialists with law enforcement backgrounds. Sales calls won’t be business as usual, either. Instead of making typical sales calls where specific products are presented, the teams will demonstrate SureFire’s suite of LE-focused products to law enforcement agencies. Then, any feedback they receive will be presented to SureFire’s Product Management Department and be used to design a unique product portfolio solution for that particular agency.

“This is a symbiotic group effort, but the end user—the law enforcement professional— is intentionally going to be the biggest beneficiary,” said Vice President of Sales & Marketing Francisco Palop. “This arrangement is designed to give those in law enforcement a direct line of communication to us, to help them get the products they want. The products they need to do their job.”

Both Owen Brown & Associates and The Evans Group were eager to be involved with this opportunity to change the way business is traditionally done in their industry. In fact, The Evan’s Group used the occasion to create an entirely separate company: Evans TSG (Tactical Support Group).

“This effort will revolutionize the approach to manufacturing and sales,” said Mike Evans, president of The Evans Group. “We’re raising the bar by servicing our customers with specialized, experienced sales people who will actually listen more than they talk. That’s the opposite of the norm in our industry, and why this is such a big deal. New SureFire products for law enforcement will be direct interpretations of consumer wants and needs. So, in a sense, they [law enforcement professionals] will be selling to us.”

For SureFire, this new sales approach is closely in line with how they’ve tried to do business since their inception, paying close attention to input from end users. The company’s first lighting product was inspired by a request from a Los Angeles law enforcement agency for a weapon-mounted flashlight over 20 years ago. And they’ve been building and modifying products based on customer feedback ever since— especially feedback from military and law enforcement personnel, some of SureFire’s most loyal and demanding customers.

“Those who work in law enforcement are not just customers to us,” said SureFire VP of Marketing Derek McDonald. “They’re part of what’s made SureFire what it is today. And we have an obligation to make products that make their lives easier and safer. We’ve been evolving at a rapid rate, and we’ll continue to do what’s needed to better serve those who go in harm’s way. This new arrangement with The Evans Group and Owen Brown & Associates is a prime example of our commitment.”

About SureFire

Located in Fountain Valley, California, SureFire designs and manufactures compact, powerful flashlights and weapon-mounted lights as well as high-quality tactical equipment such as sound suppressors, edged weapons, and EarPro hearing enhancement and protection. SureFire illumination tools are used by more SWAT teams and elite special operations groups than any other brand.

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