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LED: The New Generation of Torches

Varta Press Release - 2/28/2008

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Varta re-focuses LED flashlight line; reduces total number offered

LED: The New Generation of Torches

LED: The New Generation of Torches

FRANKFURT, Germany - "Light Emitting Diodes" (LEDs) are the new magic formula for torches. Varta has improved this future-oriented technology even further and expanded its product line with six new LED torches. With significantly greater brightness than conventional LEDs, they are certain to generate more sales at your POS.

Whether for indoor or outdoor activities, customers are reaching for torches increasingly - especially now in the dark winter season. Mobile torches are a great help – and not just when the power fails or the car breaks down on a country road at night. They are a must have on early-morning jogs or for fun shadow plays with children. The new generation of LED torches are particularly popular. Their powerful brightness and long lifespan make conventional torches with bulbs or regular LEDs pale in comparison.

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Innovative and Durable

Market studies indicate that up to 70 percent of all torches in Europe will be equipped with LED technology by 2010. The benefits: Unlike conventional bulbs, diodes do not burn out, are unaffected by shocks and require much less energy. This makes LED torches long-lasting and easy on your pocketbook. Varta’s new LED torches can do even more though: Unlike their predecessors, they offer truly outstanding illumination. These are all compelling reasons for a broad range of target groups to choose an LED torch from Varta. The company has updated its product line with six new LED models. From the compact Penlight in the shape of a ballpoint to the Sportsman LED Light for people who enjoy remaining active outdoors during winter. All with the customary, exceptional Varta quality and excellent price/performance ratio. In order to facilitate the presentation of these new torches for shops, Varta offers small packs in a clip strip format for hanging displays as well. The perfect solution for encouraging impulse purchases even in limited spaces.

Clear Structures

To ensure that customers never get lost in its extensive range of torches, Varta has examined and refined its line carefully. The result: The portfolio has been reduced from 43 torches to 35. Varta has made its range even more attractive for shops and consumers, therefore. The five product lines that help consumers to find the right torch quickly have been retained. "Home" offers mobile torches for the home and garden; "Active" ensures good lighting for sports, camping, and more; "Work" helps workmen and handymen keep their eye on the job; "Kids" adds fun to playing in the dark; and "Mini" offers compact companions for every situation. Under the motto “more is less”, Varta delivers more clarity in the torches product line and provides customers with valuable help in selecting their new purchase.

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