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Tomahawk™ Tactical Light Signals Next
Evolution in Perfomance-Based Lighting

First-Light USA Press Release - 2/28/2008

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Tomahawk lets the user perform hands-intensive tasks like climbing, carrying and operating equipment

Tomahawk™ Tactical Light from First Light USA

Tomahawk™ Tactical Light from First Light USA

SEYMOUR, Il. - First-Light USA, the leader in the groundbreaking design of hands-enabling, capability-enhancing, performance-based lighting tools for law enforcement, military, and outdoor enthusiasts introduces the Tomahawk Tactical Light.

At the heart of the Tomahawk platform is an ergonomically sensible design that provides hands-enabling capabilities that traditional flashlights cannot offer. Fitting comfortably between the user’s thumb and index finger and firmly secured by a patented retention system, the Tomahawk allows the light to be merged with a handgun in a secure, two-handed pistol grip. And unlike traditional flashlights, Tomahawk lets the user perform hands-intensive tasks like climbing, carrying and operating equipment. The Tomahawk platform also incorporates a MOLLE-compatible clip for attachment to uniforms, helmets, belts and other locations for hands-free operation, while still allowing light to be directed where the user wants.

Tomahawk packs a full spectrum of lighting capabilities – including multi-colored lights, infrared and strobe – into its compact and lightweight system. These capabilities, combined with its common-sense design, makes Tomahawk a lighting tool that can improve the performance of any user.

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“People are tired of being controlled by their flashlights...Tube-shaped flashlights have always been a limiting factor for their users, because of their clumsy and outdated design,” states President of First-Light USA Clyde Caceres. “The Tomahawk changes that - because it’s sleeker and smarter, it allows the user to react faster and do their work more effectively. Simply put: this light isn’t just better - it makes you better.”

“We set out to change the flashlight industry and Tomahawk further proves that we are doing just that by delivering innovative solutions for increasing people’s performance in low-light,” says First-Light USA CEO Jeremy Ross. “The tactical advantage our lighting products provide over tube-shaped flashlights is undeniable.”


  • Intuitive control panel; all functions easily operated with thumb
  • Multiple models available in 120 lumens and 80 lumens
  • Combinations of blue, red and green light available
  • Infrared option (compatible with night vision devices)
  • Strobe option (for disorientation)
  • Constructed of aerospace-grade aluminum and proprietary polymers
  • Lightweight and compact: 5.3 ounces and measures 2.5 x 1.5 x 3.3 inches
  • Made in the USA
  • MSRP:  $129-199

Multiple Applications:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • K-9 / Search & Rescue
  • Industrial / Utility Work
  • Outdoor / Recreation

For more information about First-Light USA products, visit