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ESD Wrist Strap with
Ground Sensor and LED Alarm

JDV Products Inc. Press Release - 3/17/2008

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ESD Wrist Strap features ground sensor and LED alarm

ESD Wrist Strap from JDV Products Inc.

ESD Wrist Strap from JDV Products Inc.

FAIR LAWN, N.J. - JDV Products Inc. is proud to announce the new ESD Wrist Strap from VESSEL Co. (model EPS-01). This item is ideal for preventing static electricity during assembly operation on electronic equipment and components.

When the operator is not properly grounded, the unique blinking LED indicator as well as a high octave alarm sound will notify them. Also, the built-in LED alarm will notify the technician on low battery life when it reaches below 20%. These special alarms help technicians and supervisors manage static electricity within the assembly process.

Other special features include built-in 1M(TM) resistor, a comfortable stretch-free synthetic band, non-alergy, high class SUS316L stainless steel construction, sensitivity adjustment trimmer for checking poor grounding, 6 foot cord, alligator clip, on/off switch, and is RoHS compliant.

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About JDV Products

Today, JDV Products is looked upon as an expert in manufacturing wire-wrapping tools based on our 25+ years of experience. We provide high-quality tools to the Telecom, Electronic, and Assembly Industries.

JDV Products is known for high quality products, competitive pricing, fast delivery, manufacturing experience, and our ability to come up with new design innovations to help reduce ergonomic health issues.

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