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Company Announces Fake
April Fools Press Release

Moixa Energy Press Release - 4/01/2008

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Company follows up on last year's 'Fashion Conscious' press release

USBCELL Fashion Batteries

USBCELL Fashion Batteries

LONDON, United Kingdom - The eco-friendly USBCELL Rechargeable battery company was today exposed for launching a fake April Fools release in an attempt to generate PR and reduce advertising spend.

With so many April fools releases these days being used for blatant PR purposes, the company wanted to instead make a real announcement – on the environmental and usability benefits of their USBCELL batteries as well as their stunning recent global accolade – a top 50 - Gold IF Product Design Award. However, unlike Google that can announce true stories on April 1st (no doubt aided by being the means by which people search for what is true or indeed funny) the overwhelming pressure to be uniquely funny was immense.

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The company tried, ‘kind of funny’ with the idea that its costume wearing mascot USBCELL EcoMan had secured a late nomination for Mayor of London ( USBCELL Ecoman for London Mayor) on a green agenda to help people LONDOFF – save energy, waste and tax. But despite releasing this at the eleventh hour, focus group tests showed it was just not believable as comedy – given candidates like Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone where already standing on a similar agenda, so fell as flat as Alkaline batteries after one use. Similarly despite blog traffic site Alexa showing that received more traffic online historically than, a similar bid for the US Presidency was ruled out.

Unlike last year where a “USBCELL Fashion Batteries”( Moixa Energy Plans Fashion Conscious USBCELL Batteries) April 1st release, on the idea that everyday batteries needed to be Fashionably available in those MP3 pastel colours, as well as Tartan for the Scots, was so well believed and received that demand for colours has soared triggered these as genuine products, and the alert received so much coverage that even the Chinese fakers on Alibaba routinely use copytext ‘The most fashion conscious batteries’ to describe their IP breaching fakes.

And equally due to general political correctness, no Alert was really possible comparing the everlasting USBCELL batteries that could be re-inserted in a USB port when new juice was needed, to other battery performance in personal ‘bunny’ devices, given Easter and all that.

In fact nothing could really ever beat the most foolish idea of continuing to buy and throw away billions of alkaline cells each year, which like plastic bags amount to unnecessary waste of planet.

It’s a sad fact that April fools just don’t have as much impact these days, “People just need to see lots of adverts” said a company spokesperson, “It seems that despite how naturally good, obvious or better for the environment products are today, or even that product pictures and brands like USBCELL can explain quickly, like a Toothbrush type word what they are about, it is simply essential to continue to spend lots of money on advertising to constantly remind people all the time, to help close the synaptic gap, and encourage visiting the high-street electronic, office or online stores to buy products”. A wise man in the corner perks up from his Su doku game to add “The economy is a balance between six degrees of separation - six degrees of ignorance, and an attention and time poor world reliant on such constant advertising to close such gaps”