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PentagonLight Introduces Two New Models

PentagonLight™ Press Release - 4/01/2008

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Company announces new MOLLE light, innovative K2 Porcupine Light

K2 Porcupine Light from PentagonLight

K2 Porcupine Light from PentagonLight

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Ca. - Pentagon Light™ releases K2 Porcupine Light with retractable spike bezel. Unlike ordinary tactical lights with crenellated bezel that can often inflict unnecessary harms to oneself, K2 features sharpened spikes around the bezel that protrude outward only when the spike protector is lowered.

With the spikes protected when not needed, the fast turn threading allows the rapid retraction of the spike protector. These spikes are sharpened far more than those ordinary crenellated bezel light. Together with its powerful 70-lumen eye-blinding white light, the sharpened retractable spikes make K2 a powerful self defense tool.

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PentagonLight™ Introduces MOLLE Light Forest

PentagonLight™ expanded their highly successful MOLLE Light family with the introduction of MOLLE Light Forest. Reminiscent to the widely issued WWII TL 122 vintage military flashlight, the MOLLE Light is an up-to-date version and the smallest high-power anglehead LED flashlight available in the market today.

Its small size fits through PALs webbing for secured hands-free attachment on MOLLE vests and compatible gear. The rotating metal clip provides attachment options to numerous other locations.

Powered by a single AA battery, this 40-lumen white light has a runtime of up to 3 hours. A green filter is stowed in the base for changing the beam color to green for use as a hunter safety light, and is suitable for outdoorsman/campers without intruding wildlife. The filtered green beam also produces minimal signature to night vision goggles and devices. A miniature magnetic compass in the tail-cap serves as a navigation aid. With this new addition, the MOLLE Light has furthered itself in the iconization of compact personal flashlight.

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