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SolLight Introduces New LightCap200

Simply Brilliant, LLC Press Release - 4/21/2008

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The solar-powered cap that turns your water bottle into a lantern

LightCap 200 - Solar Powered Light

LightCap 200 - Solar Powered Light

HOOD RIVER, Or. - SolLight, the company that invented the solar-powered water-bottle/lantern system, has added another unique and useful invention to it’s growing line of environmentally friendly solar products: the LightCap200™.

This small, lightweight (just 2.6oz) cap fits on any ‘standard’ water bottle (2” wide mouth) such as Nalgene®, Camelbak®, GSI® and most others, turning your bottle into a solarpowered lantern. With clean, green solar energy powering your lantern there are no more burned out batteries to worry about or replace (adding to our already toxic landfills).

All the electronics are totally sealed inside the top of the cap so there is no chance of getting them near the contents of your bottle. The custom, quick-charging solar panel is molded directly into the cap and will provide power for many years.

Inside the cap are four SuperBright™ LEDs that provide lots of light for up to six hours on a full charge. The low energy LEDs are housed in a reflective lens system that greatly enhances their brightness and dispersion, providing a dazzling light when used up close (great for reading or tasks) or a more luminous glow when viewed from further away (perfect for eating or ambient campsite light).

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The LightCap200 comes with a built-in retaining ring that allows you to suspend your bottle from the cap using either a small cord or strap—making it into the perfect hanging lantern. Warmly colored bottles will cast a wonderful light around your picnic table, deck or boat. The cap can also be easily attached to your bottle so you won’t lose it, and can also be used as a stand-alone solar-powered flashlight when not on your bottle.

The LEDs (guaranteed for 50,000 hours) are activated by a sealed push-button switch on the top of the cap. It is designed to work easily with cold or large fingers and will not easily turn on accidentally. Best of all, there’s a built-in light sensor that automatically turns the LightCap200 off whenever there’s enough light for charging. So you can leave it at your campsite or on your boat and it will automatically turn itself on when the sun goes down (and off again when the sun comes up)!

The LightCap200 comes in two translucent colors: clear and smoke. The clear cap emits even more light through the sides and can even be used with dark colored plastic or metal bottles to provide some light. The smoke-colored cap is great for those wanting a more ‘subdued presentation’ or matching their stainless steel deck railing: classy!

The LightCap200 costs just $19.95 and is a simple, useful addition for anyone who uses a water bottle. They are available at many fine outdoor stores or directly on-line at A lightweight, solar-powered LED light that turns your water bottle into a cool lantern? How cool is that!

About SolLight

SolLight products are distributed by Simply Brilliant, LLC, an innovative design firm specializing in safe, USdesigned, environmentally-friendly home, outdoor and marine products. For more information visit or