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Solar-Powered Lighted Metro Bollard

Ideal Shield, LLC Press Release - 4/24/2008

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Lighted bollard delivers stand-alone illumination solution

Lighted Metro Bollard from Ideal Shield

Lighted Metro Bollard from Ideal Shield

DETROIT, Mi. - Ideal Shield has added the Lighted Metro Bollard to its Bumper Post Sleeve Line. The Ideal Shield® Lighted Metro Bollard fits over existing 6" diameter posts and stands 57" high or can be cut to custom heights and is available in a variety of colors.

Powered by UV LED Technology and made from LDPE thermoplastic material, the Ideal Shield Lighted Metro Bollard is an impressive and cost effective way to provide accent lighting for your walkways and entrances. Through the darkest, cloudiest, snowiest, and foggiest days of the year, the UV LED light will charge.

With extremely minimal installation costs (no wires, electricity, or certification approvals required), the Ideal Shield Lighted Metro Bollard maintenance issues. The LED light provides 100% energy savings and has an three year warranty making the Ideal Shield Lighted Metro Bollard not only environmentally friendly, but provides your facility with beauty, protection and accent lighting to your facility for years to come.

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The Metro Bollard also offers "changeable" graphics to give you "AD Value" with your suppliers if you are in a Retail Market.

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To learn more about the Ideal Shield Lighted Metro Bollard, visit our website at: or call 313-842-7290.

About Ideal Shield, LLC

Ideal Shield®, headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, has 5 manufacturing plants, and holds 43 patents, with an additional 7 patents pending. The company's most popular item, the Bumper Post Sleeve, slides over existing steel posts eliminating the need for costly maintenance such as scraping and painting of guard posts. Bumper Post Sleeves improve the overall appearance of banks, storefronts, and fast food restaurants and offers protection for many commercial and industrial facilities.