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Essential Camping Kit From Black & Decker

Black & Decker Press Release - 4/24/2008

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Camping doesn’t have to mean roughing it

Black & Decker® LIGHT BAR™

Black & Decker® LIGHT BAR™

LONDON, United Kingdom - Looking forward to braving another British summer under canvas and rocking out in a field? Camping doesn’t have to mean roughing it, just remember to make space for some of the latest kit to take the edge off. Black & Decker® have a number of clever gadgets that will make the festival season much more enjoyable.

Struggling around a campsite after dark can be quite a daunting experience. Not only do you have to dodge swarms of other revellers but the maze of guy ropes can also prove particularly tricky after a day of festival delights.

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The Black & Decker® LIGHT BAR™ is a cordless, ultra bright LED light bar. Its polycarbonate break-resistant outer shell means that it can survive in even the liveliest of situations. With a seven hour run time and over 10,000hrs of use guaranteed, you can rely on the LIGHT BAR™ to help get you back to your tent. It is also fitted with a swivel hanging hook which attaches easily to car bonnets and tents. (BDBB26 LIGHT BAR™, RRP £29.99)

If you’re looking for something a little bit more hard core, try the Black & Decker® Multi Spot Light Plus Power Source. This heavy duty torch boasts quartz halogen bulbs which deliver a bright tight beam. The rubber backed pistol grip design provides balance and comfort whilst the water resistant housing ensures added durability whatever the weather.

Not only can you charge this beast of a torch at home, but the DC vehicle adapter means it can also be recharged in you car. Better still, it boasts a 12v DC power outlet, which can be used to power/recharge other DC appliances such as mobile phones and digital cameras. (BDV158 Multi Spot Light Plus Power Source, RRP £69.99)

The Black & Decker® Travel Cooler, Warmer and Freezer is ideal for long journeys, festival weekends or camping trips, the multi-functional device can cool food and drink to -7°C or warm it to 48°C.

The model has a nine litre capacity and is fitted with a separate freezer compartment and ice tray. There are also dual drinks can holders and a separate zippered pouch in which to store accessories such as knives and forks. The Travel Cooler’s compact design means that it will fit on a car seat or in a foot well for easy access, with a carry strap perfect for lugging across fields.

The Cooler/Warmer is powered through the 12v DC supply and is equipped with a thermoelectric system which automatically detects ambient temperature and self-regulates to keep food and drink at the proper temperature, compensating for hot summer days or cold nights. (BDV212F Travel cooler/warmer, RRP £69.99)