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Green Solar Panels Keep Batteries
Working Longer

Larson Electronics Press Release - 5/08/2008

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Solar powered battery pulsing / charging systems can dramatically improve the life of your batteries, which ultimately keeps them out of landfills

Solar Battery Charger and Solar Battery Pulser Combination Unit - 6 Watts

Solar Battery Charger and Solar Battery Pulser Combination Unit - 6 Watts

KEMP, Tx. - Larson Electronics began offering solar powered pulse battery chargers on its website, The batteries in your car, boat, lawnmower, UPS and every other major mode of transportation and equipment are based on sealed lead acid technology. A series of lead plates imbedded in electrolyte are enclosed in a plastic battery box. If you have ever had a car that won’t turn over, that battery you are “jumping” is a sealed lead acid battery. This is the dominate form of large battery power on the planet.

Statistics show that more than half of these batteries fail in under 12 months. 80 percent of those fail due to sulphation buildup. In conditions of high heat, long periods of idle or slow speed, the sulphates created during sub-optimal charging situations cover and corrode the lead plates in the battery, preventing proper charging. At battery not properly charged creates even more sulphation buildup. Very quickly, the battery dies and needs replacement.

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However, with pulse charging, a very small amount of current is needed to “shock” the plates. This shocking will shake the sulphates loose from the plates, enabling the battery to take a charge. As the battery takes a proper charge, the sulphates are absorbed back into the electrolyte solution or gel, restoring the battery to a new condition. Given that a small amount of current is needed for this process, it lends itself well to a solar panel implementation. Rob Bresnahan, President of Larson Electronics, stated, “generally, if you are using a battery, you don’t ready access to conventional power sources anyway, so solar panels become a very smart choice for pulse charging anyway.”

Rob continued, “people need to understand that there are some very easy choices that can have a big impact on the environment. While a lot of people are looking at solar panels and wind turbines for power generation, these require massive scale and cost to produce a fraction of the energy that we receive through our traditional power generations sources. When you do the math, you can see why the wind mills need blades that are 100 feet long and why you see hundreds of them if you see any at all. Solar panels are extremely effective at collecting and delivering small amounts of current, however, finding the right application is important.

If you plan on powering your home with solar panels, you will see that you require a huge panel array and substantial battery capacity to support it. The payback isn’t there in 20 years. At first glance, you think of solar panels for battery conditioning and charging and maybe you think ‘big deal’. But it is a big deal if you think of all the car, boat and equipment batteries that are consumed and discarded, day in and day out, around the world. There is no economical way to collect and re-use these. They end up in landfills. If your local garbage man is difficult about battery collection, then they end in the woods, lakes, parking lots and the side of the road.

These batteries are big, contain caustic chemicals and batteries will not degrade over time. If you want to make a difference and be ‘green conscious’, our solar powered battery pulsing / charging systems can dramatically improve the life of your batteries, which ultimately keeps them out of landfills. At a minimum, you are free from finding an outlet, free from paying the utility company to charge a battery and free from buying a new battery. But going further, you really are making a difference in the accumulation of batteries in landfills.”

Larson Electronics offers a wider array of vehicle powered lighting products, including spotlights, flashlights, scene lighting and explosion proof lights incorporating High Intensity Discharge (HID), LED and Halogen light technology. To learn more, please visit or contact 1-800-369-6671.