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Waterproof Flashlight with Flash Function

Charman Optical Co. Ltd. Press Release - 5/13/2008

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Flashlight is water-resistant up to 45m; available in import quantities

Model LF-100W from Charman Optical Co. Ltd.

Model LF-100W from Charman Optical Co. Ltd.

YEONG KANG CITY, Taiwan - Model LF-100W from Charman Optical Co. Ltd is a flashlight that is water-resistant up to 45m. It is equipped with a flash function.

Measuring 156x43.5x4.3.5mm and weighing 147g, the product has an ABS body and a 1W bulb. It runs on four AA batteries.

Specifications on the logo and color are accepted.

A 50.5x50x40.5cm export carton contains 60 pieces.

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Price and payment terms are given on inquiry. The minimum order is 1,000 pieces, for delivery within 45 days.

Charman has been manufacturing flashlights, binoculars, and film and digital cameras since 1984. All production is carried out at the company's 12,000sqm factory in mainland China. OEM orders are accepted.

Products are shipped to the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

About Charman Optical Co. Ltd.

At Charman Optical, we manufacture many fine 35mm and digital cameras --- from 50-cent promotional units to high-end units with extra-large LCDs. We even offer underwater models that function smoothly up to 35m under the surface.

All production is carried our in our 12,000m(2) mainland China factory. There, 600 workers operate 10 production lines to turn out almost 1 million units monthly for your volume orders.

A 22-year manufacturer, we have the experience buyers throughout Europe, the US and Asia seek. To find out more about our OEM/ODM customization services, contact us today.