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Cyberlux Receives New Orders
for BrightEye Lighting Systems

Cyberlux Corporation Press Release - 5/19/2008

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New York Air National Guard, New York Civilian Support Team, Indiana National Guard and Minnesota National Guard Order BrightEye

BrightEye Tactical Illumination System from Cyberlux Corporation

BrightEye Tactical Illumination System from Cyberlux Corporation

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. - Cyberlux Corporation, (OTC Bulletin Board: CYBL), a leading provider of LED lighting solutions, announced today that the Company has received purchase commitments from the New York Air National Guard, the New York National Guard Civilian Support Team, the Indiana National Guard and the Minnesota National Guard for BrightEye Tactical Illumination Systems. The BrightEye Systems are for immediate deployment to Iraq with the various state National Guard and Air National Guard units. The new orders total $163,005 in revenue.

Over the last year, Cyberlux has supported the National Guard Bureau with the deployment of BrightEye systems to state-level National Guard and Air National Guard units. This effort has generated over $750,000 in orders and over $650,000 thus far in 2008, all incremental revenue to the $8.0 million Department of Defense Appropriations Budget for U.S. Air Force.

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Over the last six months, the National Guard Bureau purchased 17 BrightEye Systems, a $313,004 purchase, to equip the Nation's emergency response CERFP teams and Air National Guard purchased 10 BrightEye Systems, a $187,412 purchase, to support the Aviation Support Facilities across the country. The BrightEye Systems will be used for maintenance lighting, expeditionary base lighting and general lighting applications that require rapid deployment and a small size/weight footprint. Most recently, Cyberlux has supported the Air National Guard's Emergency Medical Support (EMEDS) units with remote lighting capability provided by the BrightEye 4M Tower System, and the EMEDS units are now pursuing the BrightEye systems for field deployment.

"We are excited to see the use of our BrightEye systems continue to expand across the National Guard and Air National Guard state-level units. These new orders are the direct result of the level of capability and performance our BrightEye Systems have provided to the National Guard. Even with these initial BrightEye system purchases, there are over 40 states that have yet to have their requirements for light-weight, rapidly deployable lighting systems fulfilled," said Mark Schmidt, president and chief operating officer for Cyberlux. "These orders are the next step in deploying our BrightEye tactical lighting solution across the National and Air National Guard's operations."

The BrightEye Portable Illumination Systems are designed as visible and night-vision compatible illumination system for mission-critical tactical lighting requiring rapidly deployable, high-intensity lighting capability. Using advanced optics, advanced solid-state lighting technology, and light- weight advanced battery power, all contained in easily transportable wheeled cases, the BrightEye Systems are capable of eliminating the space-consuming bulk, noise and energy consumption of the current generator-powered incandescent lighting systems. Unique to the marketplace, the BrightEye Systems provide broad area visible white lighting and night-vision compatible IR lighting capable of operating all night on an advanced battery power system, capabilities not available in traditional lighting systems.

The BrightEye Systems are available through the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule 56 for Specialty Lighting products under Cyberlux GSA Contract GS-07F-9409S.

About Cyberlux Corporation

Cyberlux Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: CYBL), a leader in solid-state lighting innovation, has developed breakthrough LED lighting technology that provides the most energy efficient and cost effective portable lighting solutions available today for military and commercial uses. The Military and Homeland Security products provide tactical covert and visible lighting capability and are designed as highly mobile, battery-powered lighting systems ideal for threat detection, force and asset protection and general expeditionary lighting needs.

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