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Circuit Alert Tools Include Flashlight
with Voltage Detector

Del City Press Release - 6/02/2008

Circuit Alert Work Light<br />from Del City

Circuit Alert Work Light from Del City

MILWAUKEE, Wi. - No need to search through a toolbox for a separate voltage detector when working on AC wiring; the sensor has now been combined into some of the most commonly used hand tools! Del City is proud to introduce a new line of Circuit Alert™ Tools: commonly used electrician's tools that have a removable voltage detector built-in. The voltage sensing module produces an audio and a visual alert when it detects a live circuit.

The Circuit Alert™ line includes screwdrivers, wire strippers, pliers, flashlights and a utility knife. All of these new tools have ergonomic, cushioned handles for maximum comfort and control. Preferred by professionals, the forged steel construction guarantees a lightweight, durable tool. Many of the tools are multifunctional so that you may complete a variety of tasks.

About Del City

Del City offers an assortment of wire, connectors and shrink tube to compliment our new line of Circuit Alert™ Tools. For more information on all of our tools or to request a free catalog detailing Del City's complete line of electrical products go to or call 800-654-4757.

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