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LED Modules Now Come With
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CML Innovative Technologies Press Release - 6/02/2008

LED Modules

LED Modules suit variety of OEM applications

HACKENSACK, N.J. - The range of LED modules (LEDules2) from CML Innovative Technologies (CML- IT) is now available with an online 'designer's pack' including application notes and technical data sheets on how to incorporate drivers, heatsinking etc. The 'designer's pack' also includes full technical sales information and data sheets of the forthcoming LEDules2 series.

Manufactured in CML-IT's European plants in Bamberg (Germany) and Hranice (Czech Republic), energy saving LEDules2 feature 1, 3, 4, 8, 9 or 14 Watt power and a consistent unit-to-unit colour temperature.

Available colours are cool white, warm white, blue, cyan, green, amber and red. A new 9W RGB version (featuring red, green and blue LEDs) enabling subtle colour changing for 'mood' lighting applications is also part of the range.

The LEDules2 system can include all elements required to implement an LED-based lighting product (LED, lens, driver circuitry, heatsinking and packaging with several different fitting options), meaning designers only need to connect the devices to the appropriate power source.

Targeted at a wide range of general lighting applications, the range of LEDules2 is ideal for replacing inefficient incandescent lamps and is addressing key levels of SSL integration. It is specifically aimed at OEM's using lighting in their designs. Designed for use as spot-lights for point-of-purchase and cabinet/display case lighting or for general illumination applications such as architectural, landscape or task lighting, LEDules2 from CML-IT are ideal for customisation towards specific customer and application requirements.

Being vibration resistant, LEDules2 are also ideal for transport applications and machine tool illumination. Here, the use of CCFL is problematical and potentially dangerous because of the flickering causing stroboscopic effects, which makes any revolving surfaces appear to be standing still. The use of modern LED-based lighting eliminates this safety hazard.

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