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BernzOmatic Premium Flexible Lighter
with Flashlight

BernzOmatic Press Release - 6/05/2008

BernzOmatic Premium Flexible Lighter with Flashlight

BernzOmatic Premium Flexible Lighter with Flashlight

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. - The BernzOmatic Premium Flexible Lighter is a must-have tool that's great for summer grilling, camping, tailgating, and backyard entertaining.

The Premium Flexible Lighter's stem can bend in any direction imaginable to easily light a grill, candle, lantern, campfire, or patio fire pit without fear of burning your fingers. The wind-proof flame makes lighting a grill or campfire easy, regardless of weather conditions. BernzOmatic has also included a bottle opener that's built right into the handle, so there's one less thing to keep track of. And there's a built-in LED light that serves as a handy flashlight when camping in the woods or hanging out at a campfire.

"The BernzOmatic Premium Flexible Lighter is the only utility lighter on the market with such a comprehensive design," says Nick Morrisroe, VP of Marketing, BernzOmatic. "The additional convenience features make this lighter the perfect Father's Day gift for use in the backyard, kitchen, tackle box, or backpack. It's perfect for use both indoors and out."

Refillable and built to last with an ergonomic, soft grip handle, the BernzOmatic Premium Flexible Lighter includes a bonus refill, allowing for extended use throughout the seasons.

BernzOmatic Premium Flexible Lighters are available at home improvement stores, hardware stores, grocery stores, and other fine retailers nationwide. BernzOmatic, a global marketer and manufacturer of handheld torches and accessories, offers a versatile assortment of innovative utility lighters for every need.

About BernzOmatic®

In 1876, Otto Bernz founded the Otto Bernz Co. in Newark, N.J. to sell plumbers' tools, furnaces, and torches. The company was renamed BernzOmatic in 1940, and has since been recognized as a highly respected global brand, focusing on manufacturing and marketing best-in-class hand held torches and accessories for professionals and consumers. BernzOmatic, an affiliate of Newell Rubbermaid Inc. (NYSE: NWL), continues to drive consumer innovation with outdoor living and leisure time products such as outdoor patio heaters and flexible lighters. For more information about BernzOmatic and its products, call 1-800-654-9011 or visit

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