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Cyberlux Corporation Press Release - 6/09/2008

Cyberlux's WatchDog System

Cyberlux's WatchDog System

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. - Cyberlux Corporation, (OTC Bulletin Board: CYBL), a leading provider of LED lighting solutions, announced today that the Defense Logistics Agency has awarded National Stocking Numbers to the Cyberlux Portable Illumination System line of products. The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), the largest combat support agency within the Department of Defense (DOD), is the source for nearly every supply item, whether for combat readiness, emergency preparedness or the day-to-day operations of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and federal agencies. National Stocking Numbers (NSNs) are standardized, officially recognized item numbers used by the United States Government, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and many governments around the world to purchase and manage billions of dollars worth of procurement annually. The assignment of NSNs will enable Cyberlux to easily and efficiently expand their military customer base to the global military marketplace.

The Cyberlux Portable Illumination Systems are designed as visible and night-vision compatible illumination systems for mission-critical tactical lighting that requires rapidly deployable, high-intensity lighting capability. Using advanced optics, advanced solid-state lighting technology, and light-weight advanced battery power, all contained in easily transportable wheeled cases, the WatchDog and BrightEye tactical lighting systems provide broad area visible white lighting and night-vision compatible IR lighting capable of operating all night on an advanced battery power system, capabilities not available in traditional lighting systems.

"Gaining National Stocking Numbers for our WatchDog and BrightEye products is an important step in the expansion of our supply capabilities within the DOD purchasing community. With these NSN designations, our tactical lighting systems are now available to all purchasing organizations within the U.S. government as well as the global military community," said Mark Schmidt, president and chief operating officer for Cyberlux. "We expect this to contribute to our military sales growth during the balance of this year and extend our revenue growth beyond the $8.0 million 2008 DOD budget level."

The Cyberlux Portable Illumination Systems were first available through the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule 56 for Specialty Lighting products under Cyberlux GSA Contract GS-07F-9409S and will continue to be purchasable through the GSA. The new National Stocking Numbers assigned to the Cyberlux Portable Illumination System products are:

WatchDog System GSA P/N 2CP0150 NSN 6230015635690
WatchDog System Spares Kit GSA P/N 2CP0169 NSN 6210015635711
BrightEye Dual Lighthead System GSA P/N 2CP0170 NSN 6230015635725
BrightEye Dual Lighthead System Spares Kit GSA P/N 2CP0180 NSN 6210015635748
BrightEye 4M Tower System GSA P/N 2CP0190 NSN 6230015635774
BrightEye 4M Tower System Spares Kit GSA P/N 2CP0191 NSN 6210015635807
BrightEye 10M Tower System GSA P/N 2CP0182 NSN 6230015635832
BrightEye 10M Tower System Spares Kit GSA P/N 2CP0183 NSN 6210015635839
BrightEye Portable Power System GSA P/N 2CP0185 NSN 6115015635624

The 2008 Department of Defense Appropriations legislation established a National Program of $8.0 million for the equipping of the United States Air Force with Cyberlux Portable Illumination Systems during Fiscal Year 2008 ending September 30th. The designation of the NSNs will enable Cyberlux to meet these requirements as well as the additional requests for Cyberlux equipment from other branches of the U.S. Armed Services as well as NATO.

About Cyberlux Corporation

Cyberlux Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: CYBL), a leader in solid-state lighting innovation, has developed breakthrough LED lighting technology that provides the most energy efficient and cost effective portable lighting solutions available today for military and commercial uses. The Military and Homeland Security products provide tactical covert and visible lighting capability and are designed as highly mobile, battery-powered lighting systems ideal for threat detection, force and asset protection and general expeditionary lighting needs. For more information, please visit

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