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49er Communications Press Release - 6/09/2008

Richard Karn, RBRC Spokesman

Richard Karn, RBRC Spokesman

GRASS VALLEY, Ca. - With its eye on the environment, 49er Communications is supporting a national program called Call2Recycle™ that helps consumers conveniently recycle their used rechargeable batteries and old cell phones. 49er Communications, a national two way radio dealer, has joined forces with other members of the rechargeable battery industry to fund the program which educates the public on the benefit of recycling rechargeable batteries, batteries commonly found in products such as cellular and cordless telephones, cordless power tools, laptop computers, two-way radios, camcorders, and a variety of other portable electronic products as well as cell phones.

When the battery can no longer hold a charge, it can and should be recycled. In 2005, roughly 200 million cell phones will be in use in the United States, and approximately 130 million phones will be retired each year. The average American cell phone user has a total of 3 or more cell phones and 5 cordless electronic products in their possession. Consumers simply drop off their used rechargeable batteries and old cell phones at participating retail stores or community collection sites for recycling.

The Call2Recycle™ program is operated by the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Cooperation (RBRC), an industry-initiated, non-profit public service organization. The program is funded through the licensing of RBRC's EPA-certified Battery Recycling Seals, a label depicting a battery surrounded by three chasing arrows. Multiplier Batteries, the brand that 49er Communications distributes, pays a fee to display the Seal on its (rechargeable batteries and/or products). Consumers should support those companies who support the environment by looking for the Seal when buying rechargeable batteries and battery-powered products.

"Our program could not operate without the support of companies such as 49er Communications," says Norm England, RBRC President. "It's encouraging to see industry doing its part to help the environment." The Call2Recycle™ public education campaign features cordless power tool expert Richard Karn, "Al" from TV's Home Improvement and host of Family Feud. To learn more about the Call2Recycle™ program, visit the website: or call toll free 800-8-BATTERY or 877- 2-RECYCLE.

To review the product offering of two way radio batteries from 49er Communications visit: or call 800-552-0707.

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