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Larson Electronics Press Release - 6/10/2008

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Explosion Proof Tank Flashlight - 20 Watt HID Rechargeable
from Larson Electronics/MagnaLight

KEMP, Tx. - Rising gas prices are changing the way Americans live, there is a bright spot in a $4 gallon gas economy. It is the oil companies themselves. Petrochemical companies spend their money in the United States. Visit any local machine shop and chances are they are working on petrochemical projects. Oil companies, oil field service companies and related suppliers that support that industry buy goods and services almost solely from local US based companies. This is in sharp contrast to the US, state and local governments who are taking a larger share of every American's income in the form of taxes and spending it in China.

"We have seen a dramatic shift in just the last year in how the military spends in the lighting industry," said Rob Bresnahan, President of Larson Electronics. "While the US troops are interested in our US made 24 volt military spotlights at, the purchasing decisions often favor cheaper Chinese made lights. Other DOD suppliers in the lighting industry see the US military is buying Chinese made alternatives. Thus, American suppliers react by finding new markets, discontinuing new development and reducing headcount."

"On the flip side, we recently launched a line of portable explosion proof lighting on," Rob continued. "We are repurposing military grade lights to be used in hazardous location areas within petrochemical plants for use as work lights, inspection lights and confined air lights, for inspecting and cleaning tanks, plant turn-around. We also rent lights, including our Class 1 Division 1 tank light for 18 inch and 24 inch man ways, quadpod mount wet area lights, vapor proof hand lamps, explosion proof drop lights and wheeled dolly work lights. We take permanent mount explosion proof fixtures and put turn them into portable hazardous location lights. Given the positive sales response from oil companies, we feel comfortable investing more money, because we know that these customers won't be looking at Chinese made alternatives for these types of critical petrochemical and aerospace lighting applications. There is still competition, but we all share the same regulatory and tax burdens."

Government spending and taxation represent the largest influences on Gross Domestic Product of the US. Every level of government is increasing taxes on businesses and consumers via higher property taxes, franchise taxes, etc. "Obama has regularly stated he favors taxing US businesses more," stated Rob. "If he is truly worried about the middle class American, he would better serve the country by ensuring that every tax dollar collected is spent here in the US. This would go a long way to ensuring that US businesses are still able to employ the people that Obama is supposedly concerned with."

You can learn more about Larson Electronics and their new line of explosion proof lighting at or 1-800-369-6671.

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