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ilumisys, Inc. Press Release - 6/18/2008

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ilumisys MK1 LED tube light

ilumisys MK1 LED tube light

TROY, Mi. - ilumisys, Inc., has launched the first product in a series of patented light emitting diode (LED) tubes, designed to directly replace standard T-8 and T-12 fluorescent tubes.

The ilumisys MK1 product uses high brightness LEDs to provide efficient and effective light, and is available in color temperatures ranging from 3500° K to 5000° K, with a variety of optical diffusion options. High brightness LEDs are used in conjunction with well engineered optics, circuitry, and thermal management to provide maximum light output with minimum power consumption.

Patented circuitry enables the product to operate in existing fluorescent fixtures, without modifications to the fixtures or ballasts, allowing users to simply remove an existing fluorescent tube and drop in the ilumisys MK1 product. ilumisys LED direct replacements also run directly from 110 VAC or other building line currents as specified.

"This product is the ideal solution to initiate a movement from standard fluorescent lighting to environmentally friendly solid-state lighting," said Dave Simon, president of ilumisys. "The ilumisys MK1 is an easy one-for-one replacement product. It can be used in the billions of existing installed fluorescent fixtures, across a variety of industries, helping businesses easily transition their operations to SSL without incurring costly infrastructure changes."

Benefits of Solid-State Lighting

This next generation solid state lighting offers an easy transition from traditional fluorescent lighting, while taking full advantage of attributes of light emitting diodes including long life, temperature robustness, vibration tolerance and energy efficiency.

In addition to providing an energy efficient alternative, unlike the fluorescent tubes they replace, the ilumisys MK1 tubes are mercury-free. The 500 to 600 million fluorescent tubes discarded annually in the United States introduce an estimated two to four tons of mercury to the environment, despite industry and government efforts to limit mercury content and encourage recycling.


MK1 products are currently available on an installation-specific basis direct from ilumisys. Interested parties should contact us. The ilumisys technical team will work to specify the right product based on intended use, providing facility-based proposals for improved lighting and energy savings. MK1 tubes will be available through building, design and lighting distributors and retailers in the summer of 2008. Upon availability, consumers and designers can find additional where-to-buy information at

About ilumisys

ilumisys, Inc. is a Troy, Michigan-based company focused on next-generation solid-state lighting technology. The company was formed in 2007 as a spinoff venture and wholly owned subsidiary of Altair Engineering, Inc. Initial products will be derived from Altair's intellectual property as they relate to the direct replacement of fluorescent light tubes with light-emitting diode (LED) lamps and direct replacement of incandescent lamps. For more information, please visit

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