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Lamina Offers SōL™ MR16 LED Lamps
in Vibrant Monocolors

Popular SōL MR16 LED lamps are now available in red, green, blue and amber

Lamina Lighting Incorporated Press Release - 6/25/2008

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SōL MR16 GU5.3

SōL MR16 GU5.3 from Lamina Lighting

WESTAMPTON, N.J. - Lamina Lighting Incorporated (Lamina), the world leader in the development and manufacturer of high-power LED light engines, today announced immediate availability of their highly popular LED-based replacement lamp, the SōL MR16 GU5.3, in an eye-catching palette of vibrant monocolors which include red, green, blue and amber.

Designed as a direct, ready-to-plug-in retrofit for 20-watt MR16 halogen and comparable compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), the Lamina SōL™ MR16 LED integrates a high power light source, optical lens and thermal heat sink shell in a traditional MR16 halogen formfactor. This innovative design, which fits most existing fixtures, produces as much light as the 20-watt halogen bulb it replaces, but consumes less than 8 watts of electricity.

The entire SōL Series line is designed for lighting applications powered by low voltage supplies ensuring reliable operation for 50,000 hours (25X more than a halogen) making these lamps ideal for long duty cycle, "always on" applications and hard to reach locations. The Lamina SōL MR16 LED is also fully dimmable, emits no UV and generates very little heat allowing it to be placed in highly temperature sensitive areas.

"Both our GU10 and GU5.3 SōL MR16 LED lamps offer significant return-on-investment," said Dan Polito, the company's vice president of sales and marketing. "With a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours, the energy savings, replacement cost savings of traditional lamps and money saved in labor costs to replace burned out lamps can potentially add up to more than $700 per fixture." Adding to the value, Mr. Polito noted that each Lamina SōL MR16 LED lamp emits no heat (infrared) or ultraviolet radiation, is readily dimmable, and contain no mercury (as do fluorescent lamps) or lead. As are all Lamina LED products, the SōL™ MR16 LED is fully compliant with the EU's RoHS Directive restricting mercury, lead, cadmium and other hazardous substances.

Lamina is also the only energy-efficient lighting company that provides certified CO2 avoidance metrics for all of its solid state LED products, thereby offering customers valuable decision criteria relating to environmental stewardship.

About Lamina

Lamina Lighting Incorporated (Lamina) defines the current state of LED lighting technology with continuous innovations in light output, efficacy and thermal management. Founded in 2001 as a spin-off from the Sarnoff Corporation, Lamina is at the forefront of global LED research and product development. With its Atlas™, Titan™ and SoL™ Series LED product lines, Lamina provides ultra-high brightness white LED lighting products that satisfy the growing global need to replace conventional lighting with LED technology for general illumination. Among its other benefits, Lamina's environmentally responsive LED technology and programs aid in lowering CO2 emissions - the dominant GHG contributor to global warming. Headquartered in Westampton, New Jersey, Lamina Lighting is funded by five premier technology venture funds. For more, visit

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