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Insight Tech-Gear Introduces iSEE LED Light

Safely perform hands-free tasks in the dark while retaining night vision

Insight Technology, Inc. Press Release - 7/01/2008

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Insight Tech-Gear iSee

Insight Tech-Gear iSee

LONDONDERRY, N.H. - Insight Tech-Gear, introduces a new design in hands-free lighting with the iSEE LED.

The iSEE LED is a 100% concealable, innovative design built for real-world use. Compact enough to simply clip into a shirt pocket, the super bright dual LED's of the iSEE light allow the operator a hands-free light source with the touch of a button. The iSEE was designed to function in dark environments without the need of handling a cumbersome tube flashlight. Perfect lighting angles can be achieved with its 180 degree adjustable light arm. The high intensity LED's overcome poor lighting conditions without affecting the user's night vision.

iSEE LED Feature/Benefits:

• Safely perform hands-free tasks in the dark while retaining night vision
• Available in white/white, white/red, white/green, white/blue, UV/white, IR/red and IR/amber color combinations
• Ideal for Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Paramedics-EMS, Medical, Hunting, and Recreational applications
• UV Light authenticates I.D.'s, etc.
• 180 degree adjustable light arm
• 10-minute auto/off timer
• Easy to use, easy to conceal, lightweight
• Unique clip design attaches to surfaces up to one inch thick
• Up to 60 hour burn time in single LED mode with two replaceable lithium batteries

Insight Tech-Gear's iSEE LED is available at your favorite dealer. For more information on Insight Tech-Gear or the new iSEE LED, please call toll free 877-744-4802 or log on to

About Insight Technology, Inc.

Insight Technology, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of tactical laser aiming & illumination products, integrated sighting systems, and thermal imaging systems for use by consumers, law enforcement officers, and military personnel. Founded in the 1980's, the company operates its state-of-the-art facility providing highly effective and innovative tactical devices for extreme environments, advancing the effectiveness of the warfighter and first responder. Internationally recognized as exceeding the quality standards of ISO 9001, Insight Technology is located in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

Insight Tech-Gear is now a dedicated group within Insight Technology, Inc. We've dedicated key resources to better focus on providing advanced technology and innovative products to the law enforcement community and consumer markets. Our new streamlined structure will afford us the best of both worlds of continued access to cutting-edge military designs and fast-moving business practices of a commercial manufacturer. We encourage you to stay tuned as our brand continues its growth and evolution into tomorrow.

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