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Rechargeable alkaline battery maker reports result; outlines future

Pure Energy Visions Corporation Press Release (excerpted) - 7/03/2008

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Pure Energy Alkaline Battery

Pure Energy Alkaline Battery Charger w/ 4AA & 4AAA Batteries

TORONTO, Canada - Pure Energy Visions Corporation (PEV - TSX Venture, XYQ - FWB), ("PEVC" or the "Company") today reported its financial results for the quarter and nine month periods ending April 30, 2008. These financial statements and the Company's Management Discussion and Analysis can be found at

Revenue for the period represents sales by Pure Energy Visions Inc. (PEVI) of Rechargeable Alkaline batteries and chargers and related products to retail customers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) located in Canada, the USA, Europe and other foreign markets.

The significant increase of 19% in year over year 3rd quarter sales was mainly attributed to expanded retail distribution in the US market and in Canada. In relation to increased sales, corresponding production and sales costs are coming down. This trend is expected to continue as sales continue to grow.

During the quarter, more than 600 retail outlets were selling Rechargeable Alkaline battery products in the US through US distributor Conros/LePages. This included a new US grocery chain that operates 185 stores in the six-state area of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida. The initial order included AA and AAA size Rechargeable Alkaline batteries and two types of charger kits.

During the quarter Sure-Gro Inc. (Sure-Gro), Pure Energy's exclusive Canadian distributor, continued its efforts to secure additional listings for Pure Energy's Rechargeable Alkaline batteries, adding three prominent retailers. The new listings are with three of the largest retailers in North America in their respective retail channels - Electronics, Music and On-line Computer sales and add more than 150 stores selling Pure Energy brand Rechargeable Alkaline products in Canada. These listings include AA and AAA size Rechargeable Alkaline batteries and Pure Energy's new Charge Stick™ USB Port charger kit.

In February, Pure Energy reported that German solar products company quantys next energy systems GmbH (quantys) is now marketing products world-wide using its AA Rechargeable Alkaline. Quantys is currently using the batteries in solar charged radio controlled timing devices with integrated smoke detectors and solar charged radio controlled alarm clocks. By using Rechargeable Alkaline, replacing the batteries in these devices is not necessary.

Pure Energy also reported that it is now supplying its AA and AAA size Rechargeable Alkaline batteries for use in wireless computer keyboards and mice as well as solar garden lights. Development programs are also underway with several companies for wireless data logging devices, standby power, security and sensor devices, rechargeable flashlights, GPS systems, remote controls, cordless phones, caller ID and IP phones, and several radio frequency and solar charged applications.

"We are very pleased with our growing OEM business and the immediate and positive results that Conros Corporation (Conros) and Sure-Gro have achieved at retail in the early stages of our relationship with them," said Paul W. Simmonds, PEVC's President and CEO. "The combination of Conros and Sure-Gro Inc. distributing Pure Energy products throughout North America is already having a positive impact on expanding our retail distribution and we are confident that this will translate into strong revenue growth going forward."

About Pure Energy's Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries:

Pure Energy's advanced formula Rechargeable Alkaline batteries are the only rechargeable batteries that can be used in any application that uses throw-away alkaline batteries. They can be recharged hundreds of times, leading to significant cost savings for consumers, reductions of up to 94% in battery waste entering landfill sites and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions when compared to throw-away alkaline batteries. Rechargeable Alkaline batteries do not contain heavy metals such as cadmium or mercury and offer several performance and cost advantages over other rechargeable batteries including an industry leading 7 year shelf life - 40 times longer than regular rechargeable NiMH batteries.

About Pure Energy Visions Corporation:

Pure Energy Visions Corporation is an international consumer and commercial products company focusing on cost effective, environmentally responsible products. The Company is a leading supplier of rechargeable batteries sold under private label, under the Pure Energy™ and Perfectly Natural Solutions™ brands. Through a growing network of strategic partners and distributors, products are sold in over 12 countries by a number of leading retailers and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

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