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Richelieu Announces LED MR16 Bulbs

Richelieu's 3 Watt LED Lighting Can Be Used to Retrofit Existing Halogen MR16 30 Watt Fixtures

Richelieu Hardware Ltd. Press Release - 7/11/2008

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Richelieu's LED MR16

Richelieu's LED MR16 3 Watt Series

MONTREAL, Canada - Richelieu's latest LED technology innovation enables you to retrofit your halogen MR16 30 Watt fixtures with 3 Watt lighting that combines the brightness of power LEDs while consuming 80% less power.

The MR16 3 Watt Series was designed for applications as vast as one's imagination, such as residential, retail and architectural lighting in showrooms, exhibits, displays, tracks, rails, cables, pendants, and much more.

Richelieu's LED MR16 3 Watt Series features two models. One projects a direct light beam at: 30°, while the second projects a wider bean at 45°. Both are available in cool and warm white. They can be used in standard MR16 sockets without dimmers to replace halogens through an easy retrofit, no additional wiring or changes are required. This lighting provides low heat without UV or IR light radiation. They feature an optical grade PMMA clear lens, a molded aluminum with silvery anodized finish housing, and a GU5.3 base (MR16).

According to Helen Lovretin, lighting product manager for Richelieu, "Our new LED MR 16 3 Watt lighting enables you to be green while saving time and money with a rated life of 50,000 hours. Switching to LEDs leaves a great deal of green in your pocket. Lighting accounts for up to 15 percent of the electric bill in residences. Replacing halogen lights with LEDs can reduce today's skyrocketing electric bills by 80-90%. People are now realizing that reducing their electric usage from a 30 watt halogen light to a 3 watt LED means huge cash savings which is essential in today's challenging economic environment."

About Richelieu Hardware Ltd.

Richelieu is Canada's leading distributor, importer and manufacturer of specialty hardware and complementary products - and also ranks among the top players in its specialty in North America.

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