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Kingpower Introduces New K1
and K2 AA Flashlights

A new flashlight brand, Kingpower - a specialist in AA cell flashlights, announces their first two models

Superking Electronic Industrial Limited Press Release - 7/25/2008

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Kingpower K1 and K2 Flashlights

Kingpower K1 and K2 Flashlights

SHENZHEN, China - A new brand of flashlight has arrived in the American lighing marketplace, Kingpower - The specialist in AA flashlights. And the company is proud to announce their their first two models: the Kingpower K1 and K2.

The following are some advantages of Kingpower products:

1. Other flashlight brands produce many kinds of flashlights, but Kingpower is the first that focuses strictly on AA cell flashlights. By specializing in one area, Kingpower hopes customers will choose Kingpower lights when shopping for stable and practical AA flashlights!
2. Kingpower products use high quality, dependable circuitry with long life span. So, Kingpower products are very stable.
3. Kingpower products are solid and durable. The housing thickness of Kingpower products is thicker than many other products.
4. Kingpower products are simple to operate and practical. Kingpower products emphasize inner quality and simple design, providing customers with a high quality flashlight at a lower price.
5. Kingpower products uses a gold-plated spring for more dependable electric function.

K1 Features

• Stainless steel head - attractive and solid
• Stable circuitry with long life span
• Tough glass lens with AR coating
• Aircraft aluminum housing
• Turmeric PCB - anti abrading and durable
• Type III hard anodized finish in black - 60 microns
• Four output levels
• Able to stand on tail
• Waterproof

Power: 88 Lumens / 6 Lumens / 107 Lumens / Strobe
Burn time: 2.8 hours / 40 hours / 2 hours
Lamp: one 3W Cree Q5 LED
Input voltage: 0.8v-4.2v
Battery: 1 AA size battery
Length: 103mm
Diameter: 25mm
Weight: 105g (exluding battery)

K2 Features:

• Special bezel featues gracefully-designed crenelated head
• Tough glass lens with AR coating
• Specially designed deep reflector - throw great beam; can reach 150 meters
• Aircraft aluminum housing
• Stable and high efficient circuitry
• Digitally controlled stable AA circuitry with constant brightness
• Turmeric PCB- anti abrading and durable
• Mid/low/high/strobe without SOS - easy to operate and practical
• New designed skid-proof structure on body tube
• Type III hard anodized finish in black-60 microns
• Input voltage: 0.8v-4.2v; fit for many kinds of AA batteries
• Four output levels
• Able to stand on tail
• Waterproof

Power: 88 Lumens / 6 Lumens / 180 Lumens / Strobe
Burn time: 5.5 hours / 120 hours / 2.2 hours
Lamp: one 3W Cree Q5 LED
Battery: 2 AA size batteries
Length: 151mm
Diameter: 25mm
Weight: 100g (exluding batteries)

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About Kingpower

Kingpower only focuses on AA flashlights, which feature stable, solid and practical designs. Kingpower products employ dependable circuitry with long life span, thick aluminum construction, and are designed to be competitively priced. It is our goal that when people think of Kingpower, they think of high quality AA flashlights.

Whenever you are shopping for a high-quality AA flashlight, Kingpower is for you! Kingpower, specialist of AA flashlights!

For more information, visit the company's website at:

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