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Kingbright Introduces
Ultra-Bright 0.5W SMD LEDs

SMD LEDs combine low power consumption, high brightness

Kingbright Corporation Press Release - 7/29/2008

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Ultra-Bright 0.5 W SMD LED

Ultra-Bright 0.5 W SMD LED from Kingbright Corp.

CITY of INDUSTRY, Ca. - Kingbright Corporation achieves another milestone in developing the ultra-bright 0.5W SMD LEDs with high quality and robust reliability. Available in various color selections (blue, white, warm white, green, yellow, red) as well as RGB Full Color option at 120mA per channel, Kingbright's Ultra-Bright 0.5W SMD LED's vibrant and compact package with wide viewing angle of 120° is tailored to enhance aesthetic benefits and design versatility for design engineers in various lighting applications.

Operating at a forward current up to 150mA, this cutting-edge package design comprises a low thermal resistance providing great heat dissipating capability. The distinctive element encompasses a built-in zener diode that can withstand ESD voltage up to 8000V providing superior protection against ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) damages at the production line.

This low power consumption, IR reflow solderable, and automation friendly series is specially designed for automatic pick-and-place mounting process to increase productivity and reduce assembly cost.

About Kingbright

Kingbright Corporation is a leading manufacturer of LED Lamps, Displays, SMD Lamps, and other LED-related products. With over 27 years of consistent hard work, Kingbright has brought its joint effort to full fruition by transforming the company into a well recognized industrial powerhouse on the international stage. Kingbright operates four manufacturing plants in Shenzhen, China, all accredited with TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certification. For more information, please visit

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