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Seoul Semiconductor Claims Victory
Against Nichia

Seoul Semi has scored a victory against Nichia in a patent invalidation proceeding filed in Korea

Seoul Semiconductor Co. Ltd. Press Release - 8/5/2008

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Seoul Semiconductor's Top View LED

Seoul Semiconductor's
Top View LED

SEOUL, Korea - Seoul Semiconductor Co. Ltd., ("Seoul") has scored a victory against Nichia Corporation ("Nichia") in a patent invalidation proceeding filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Tribunal (KIPT). On July 23, 2008, KIPT ruled that Nichia's Korea patent (Pat. No. 406201), which was asserted against certain Seoul's products, has been invalidated for lack of 'novelty.' Based on this, Seoul believes that it cannot infringe Nichia's patent.

Seoul also contends that its technology is different from Nichia's now-invalidated patent, a counterpart of which has been asserted against Seoul by Nichia in the United Kingdom (UK) in May 2008. With this ruling, Seoul believes that the Nichia patent invalidation will have a very positive effect in the UK for Seoul and its business distributors such as Avnet EMG Ltd.

In the United States, Seoul has submitted a request to the ITC (International Trade Commission) to prohibit importation of Nichia's laser diode into the U.S. market, claiming that Nichia infringed Seoul's patent. The ITC granted Seoul's request for an investigation into possible patent infringement by Nichia in January 2008. The ITC is expected to render its decision in early 2009. In addition, Seoul has additional patent infringement actions in the U.S. and other countries claiming infringement by Nichia's Light Emitting Diode (LED), Ultra Violet (UV) LED, and Laser Diode (LD) products.

In working towards advancements in the LED industry, Seoul respects intellectual property rights of other companies and expects others to do the same. Seoul maintains approximately 1,600 patents and over 300 patents that relate to fundamental technology in the field of light emitting diodes.

About Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor, the world's leading LED manufacturer, has been named to Forbes and Business Week's lists as one of the most promising Asian companies. Its products, Acriche and Flash LED were named as "Product of the Year" in 2008 and 2006 by Elektronik, one of the most prestigious electronics magazines in Europe . Also, Acriche was selected as one of the "Hot items of 2007" by EDN, specialized in electronic components. Semiconductor's primary business areas are LED packaging and custom module manufacturing. It provides a full range of LED products including AC-driven semiconductor light source, Acriche, High-brightness Power, Side View, Top, Chip, Lamp and High Flux LEDs, and custom type modules. Applications for the company's LED products include general lighting, signage, back lighting for mobile phones, TVs, notebook computers, automotive lighting, home appliances, signals, etc. Seoul Semiconductor reported US$290 million in sales in 2007. It has 1,558 patents and 362 licenses as of December 2007. Seoul Semiconductor has 25 branches including 3 overseas corporate offices. Its products are also represented worldwide by more than 90 distributors.

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