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MOBI, Inc. Sells
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Company Also Announces Release of Two New Models for 2008-2009

MOBI, Inc. Press Release - 8/5/2008

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MOBI TykeLight

MOBI TykeLight

BURBANK, Ca. - With such a myriad of uses, it's no wonder the popularity of MOBI's industry award winning TykeLight ( has exploded since its introduction in late 2006.

Not your traditional nightlight, TykeLight emits a non-distracting soft glow serving as the perfect nighttime buddy, travel companion, emergency light as well as providing quite the ambience for breast-feeding mothers or during nighttime diaper changes.

Two new lead free models have been added to the line for 2008-2009 including the rechargeable GloMate and battery powered TykeLight Jr., both retaining the kid-friendly size and weight that fits perfectly in small hands.

'Parents have the perfect answer to kids who ask to keep the light on during sleep time,' says David Naghi, president of MOBI. 'And the ones in charge of late night feedings will appreciate the soft, ambient glow.'

MOBI's new releases are highlighted by the GloMate (MSRP: $19.99), which features a new, easy to clean surface that is soft to the touch, durable and impact resistant. The all white GloMate, once illuminated, can turn a constant blue, green or pink; or rainbow mode cycles between all three colors. Thanks to the built in NmH rechargeable batteries and low-voltage charging base, GloMate can provide up to 10 hours of constant light when fully charged. Naghi adds, 'the hassle free GloMate turns on automatically when removed from the base, and the LED lights do not give off heat, so it's cool to the touch.' 'Gentle Sleep' mode automatically dims and shuts off the light after 15 minutes.

The affordable TykeLight Jr. (MSRP: $9.99) is available in pink, blue or green and runs on three AAA batteries (included) -- children are protected with the kid-proof battery door. With enough power to provide constant light for nearly 75 hours, TykeLight Jr. features three light modes including 'Gentle Sleep,' as well as bright and dim light settings. TykeLight Jr. is made from the same impact resistant plastic as its predecessor, making it smooth, safe, durable and easy to clean.

For more information, contact MOBI at 818-771-1620 or visit MOBI on the web at

About MOBI

MOBI, Inc. is a leading producer of innovative concepts for modern living. The company's vision, energy, ideas and talents have been built upon the interests and needs of today's families and lifestyles. MOBI is committed to offering products and services that consumers can trust. Their unparalleled efforts have been recognized by several prestigious award programs such as: National Association of Parenting Publication Awards (NAPPA), iParenting Media Awards, National Parenting Center Award, JPMA Innovation Award, TechGirls Award from Consumer Electronics Association and the Design and Engineering Showcase Innovation Award.

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