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Xenonics' SuperVision
Enables Narcotics Arrest

Xenonics' SuperVision Facilitates Narcotics Bust in Northern California Mountains

Xenonics Holdings, Inc. Press Release - 8/7/2008

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Xenonics' SuperVision

Xenonics' SuperVision Night Vison Device

CARLSBAD, Ca. - "Without SuperVision, we would have missed a 60 pound narcotics exchange, the subsequent arrest of four individuals, and the seizure of two firearms," an investigator for the U.S. Forest Service reported to XENONICS HOLDINGS, INC. (AMEX: XNN) about his experience with the Company's patented SuperVision high-definition night vision device.

"We purchased a SuperVision to support our night operations in large marijuana grow sites deep in the mountains of northern California," the investigator wrote. "One night another agent and I were on LP/OP assignments approximately 250 yards from a known drop location. My partner was equipped with a typical Gen 3 greenlight (night vision) scope and I with my SuperVision. Using SuperVision's zoom feature, I was able to capture all the targets' activities, including bundle exchanges, but all my partner could see was 'ants on the hillside.' I looked through his greenlight scope for comparison and saw exactly that, just ants on a hillside."

Xenonics CEO Chuck Hunter said, "This is typical of the feedback we receive from police and public safety officers representing more than 80 departments around the country. SuperVision delivers the nighttime surveillance capabilities our customers have long been looking for, but could not find before even with the most expensive Gen 3 equipment. SuperVision is proving itself in the field to be an invaluable tool that helps police and public safety officers perform their difficult jobs better, easier and safer."

SuperVision is a hand-held, lightweight high-definition night vision system that uses a sophisticated multispectral CCD sensor and proprietary digital signal processor to transform ambient light that is invisible to the naked eye into a sharp and clear digital video image on an HDTV display. SuperVision provides unprecedented resolution, clarity, and range, and offers up to 8x zoom capability, features no other vision system can match.

About Xenonics

Xenonics Holdings, Inc. (AMEX: XNN) develops and produces advanced, lightweight and compact ultra-high-intensity illumination and low-light vision products for military, law enforcement, public safety, and commercial and private sector applications. Xenonics' NightHunter line of illumination products is used by every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces as well as law enforcement and security agencies. Its SuperVision high-definition night vision is designed for commercial and military applications. Employing patented technologies, Xenonics provides innovative solutions for customers who must see farther so they can do their jobs better and safer. Xenonics' products represent the next generation in small, high intensity, high efficiency illumination and low-light vision systems.

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