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DC-DC Power Converters Deliver
Up to 7.5 W

DC-DC Switching Regulator Offer Ultra Wide Input, Extended Output Voltage and High Efficiency up to 97%

Aimtec, Inc. Press Release - 8/14/2008

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DC-DC Switching Regulators

AMSR-78Z Series DC-DC Switching Regulators

MONTREAL, Canada - Aimtec, a global supplier of DC-DC power converters, strengthens its switching regulator converter product line with the addition of that AMSR-78Z series of non-isolated, DC-DC switching regulators.

Feature rich, cost-effective, and a pin-to-pin replacement of 78xx linear regulators, the AMSR-78Z step-down converters provide highly regulated output voltages ranging from 1.5VDC to 15VDC, producing maximum output currents of 500mA at efficiency rates of up to 97% that remain virtually constant over the entire input range. Low output ripple and noise (60mV p-p) make these robust converters ideal for noise sensitive applications.

Ultra wide input ranges (up to 6:1) extend from 4.75-34VDC to 18-34VDC allowing these highly reliable products to be powered from unregulated sources.

Designed in a compact, SIP3 package (11.68 x 9.65 x 7.50mm), the AMSR-78Z series is pin compatible to the TO-220 package and makes these power supplies ideal for low profile circuit implementations such as portable power and standby-power applications.

Versatile for a multitude of industrial applications, the AMSR-78Z series is designed to operate at full output power without heatsinking or forced-air cooling below +85°C, which is a distinct advantage for all applications.

Feature rich with continuous short circuit protection, output current limit and thermal shutdown, Aimtec's AMSR-78Z series of DC-DC switching regulator converters can operate continuously at full load without the need for load derating below +71°C, within an ambient temperature range of -40° to +85°C.

The AMSR-78-Z series is made with high quality, RoHS compliant materials that undergo rigorous quality control to ensure reliability and performance.

Samples available from stock and can be ordered immediately. Datasheets are available online at

About Aimtec Inc.

Aimtec is a global supplier of modular DC-DC switching power converters for a wide range of industrial, IT, telecom, datacom and medical applications. In addition to an expanding catalogue of thousands of standard products within the 0.25 to 30 watt range, Aimtec provides complete design and engineering support for customized power supply requirements.

Founded in 2002, Aimtec is an emerging leader in the future of analog technology by offering cost effective, feature-rich modular DC/DC switching power supplies which provide many competitive advantages.

With manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China, and its worldwide headquarters in Montreal, Canada, Aimtec's products are supported by world class customer and technical support.

An ISO 9001:2000 accredited organization, the company's design, manufacturing and quality control standards allow it to consistently deliver power converters that meet or exceed clients' and end users' expectations. Safety and regulatory standards and include RoHS, cULus, CE and CB.

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