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Pseudo-Capacitors Replacing
Battery Solution

Pseudo Caps work with Faraday effects, which is why they behave more closely to batteries

CapComp GmbH Press Release - 8/14/2008

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Pseudo Capacitor devices

Pseudo Capacitor devices

PLEIDELSHEIM, Germany - By introducing the product family PSHLR CapComp GmbH is now offering new Pseudo Capacitor devices manufactured by NESSCAP Ltd. Korea.

Products are available with a capacitance range of 30F up to 300F and can be used with Vop 2.3V (DC). Dependent on the product the internal resistance (ESR) is specified at 12 up to 32 milli-Ohm. Devices are available in radial housing with diameter from 10mm ~ 22mm and a length of 25mm ~ 50mm.

Product life time is specified with 10 years and 100.000 cycles. Based on Pseudo Cap cells CapComp is also offering customized modules. The product is working in an operational temperature range of - 25°C ~ +60°C and is manufactured according to RoHS standards.

NESSCAP Ltd. Korea is ISO 900x and TS 16949 certified.

In addition to electrostatic memory process, Pseudo Caps work with Faraday effects, which is the reason why they behave more closely to batteries.

Main applications:

• maintenance-free battery-replacement solution

• energy storage for solar and wind driven application

• battery-free remote control and further consumer application

• power back-up for sensor and control electronic

• fast add-on for battery power devices , example: e-bicycle

CapComp GmbH, having its head quarter in Pleidelsheim (close to Stuttgart) and a branch-office in Bergisch Gladbach (close to Cologne), is supporting customers all over Europe

SPEC sheet for download:

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