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Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Launches
1st Direct Ethanol Product

Can generate small amounts of power for days or weeks at a time using tiny amounts of simple household alcohol

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Pte Ltd. Press Release - 8/20/2008
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Bio Energy Diversity Kit

Bio Energy Diversity Kit

SHANGHAI, China - Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies today launched the fuel cell industry's first direct ethanol product, the Bio Energy Diversity Kit, which uses tiny amounts of alcohol and water as its fuel. The product marks another step in Horizon's commercialization of fuel cells in portable electronics.

The Bio Energy Discovery Kit is a simple educational product used to introduce fuel cell technology to students, aspiring scientists, teachers and engineers. The kit features a fuel cell powered desktop fan that uses a 90-percent water, 10-percent ethanol mix as the source fuel for transforming an electrochemical reaction into electrical energy.

"Many new ideas will come from the market once this technology can be experimented with," said Taras Wankewycz, co-founder and vice president, Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies. "The development and commercialization of the world's first direct ethanol fuel cell is an exciting milestone for us but is also just a single step in our continuing goal to bring ever more powerful fuel cell energy solutions to the masses."

Most fuel cell related developments targeting consumer electronics have so far focused on using liquid methanol (DMFC) as a fuel source. Horizon's new direct ethanol fuel cells (DEFC) can generate small amounts of power for days or weeks at a time using tiny amounts of simple household alcohol, such as diluted vodka. Unlike methanol, or past attempts to use alkaline ethanol solutions, Horizon's device can use plain water and alcohol which is easily accessible to consumers. Tiny amounts of alcohol can thus be placed in contact with Horizon's fuel cell and slowly converted to electricity that can power small devices.

Direct ethanol fuel cells show promise for a wide range of small devices that do not draw a lot of power but would benefit from significantly more runtime than what current batteries provide. Such devices include remote sensing devices that rely on frequent battery changing and maintenance, new products that light up or emit sound in the contact of alcohol, and even portable consumer electronics such as MP3 or mobile phone chargers -- perfect for long-distance flights.

Horizon's Bio-Energy Discovery Kit is available to purchase now, and can be ordered on or at select retail outlets and science education kit suppliers around the world.

About Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Pte Ltd.

Thinking big, yet starting small, Horizon pioneered the sales of next-generation fuel cell power products in small consumer products, while developing larger-scale clean power solutions for practical applications in portable remote power, light-duty transportation and aerospace. With comprehensive technological developments focused on enabling fuel cell commercialization, Horizon is the first company to bring advanced fuel cell technology out of the laboratories and into the mass market today. For more information, visit

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