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The LightBench is operated by an individually pre-programmed remote control

Frellstedt GmbH Press Release - 8/20/2008
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indoors or outdoors - the LightBench always cuts a brilliant figure

SOLINGEN, Germany - The LightBench by Frellstedt is a novelty in lighting design. It combines form, color and function in a new and unique way. It is a bench with a clear classical design for in- and outdoor use equipped with modern RGB LED technology to turn it into a lighting object, a work of art.

Millions of adjustable shades of bright or soft colors allow it to inividualize the appearence of the bench. It is possible to choose from a set of fixed hues or a predefined set of changing colors with smooth transitions.

Even several benches can be combined easily, displaying a totally synchronized play of colors or different color patterns depending on the desired effect.

The fields of operation are almost limitless. Wether at private homes or gardens, at offices or in public places, the LightBench is tailored to any needs. It is an artwork that draws attention, supplying the necessary ambiance for creative and communicative environments.

The LightBench is operated by an individually pre-programmed remote control that is simple and intuitive to use. It's very easy to set up and only needs to be connected to a normal mains supply. Thanks to its LED lighting technology it only requires about 95 watts of electric power, which keeps operating costs down. Because of the special dirt resistant coating, even cleaning is easy.

The LightBench was developed by the Solingen based light designer Lutz Hopbach and was released worldwide in 2008 by Frellstedt GmbH. Technical perfection in LED light technology is combined with an ageless modern design style. To ensure highest quality standards the bench is manufactured in situ in Solingen/Germany.

LightBench is distributed worldwide by the manufacturer:
Frellstedt GmbH
Brühler Straße 91
42657 Solingen
Phone: +49 - 212 - 382 15 95
Fax: +49 - 212 - 382 15 96

For more information, visit the company's websites at: |

Frellstedt is an innovative German company specialized in combining latest LED-Technology with timeless design in a unique an convincing way. Core principle of the company is to ensure highest quality standards "Made in Germany".

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