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Panasonic Introduces High Rate
Lithium Ion Cell

Lithium Ion Cell has 2,650 mAh typical capacity

Panasonic Energy Co. Press Release - 8/20/2008
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lithium ion cell

Model CGR26650A lithium ion cell

ROLLING MEADOWS, Il. - With protective Heat Resistant Layer (HRL) technology that provides safe operation, Model CGR26650A lithium ion cell features Nickel Manganese based cathode material to offer high discharge rate of up to 40 A. Weighing 3.2 oz, unit operates over wide temperature range, and has nominal voltage of 3.6 V. It is suitable for multi-cell applications in wide range of industries such as portable power tools, back-up power, uninterruptible power supply, and medical equipment.


• High Rate Lithium Ion technology is lighter and has more power than traditional chemistries: NiMH, NiCd, and Lead Acid.
• Capable of high rate discharges up to 40 Amps 2650 mAH Typical Capacity
• Excellent cycle life
• Nickel Manganese based cathode material provides higher discharge rate and better temperature stability.
• Exclusive Heat Resistant Layer (HRL) technology - a protective layer that provides safer operation.
• High Recharge Rate - most capacity recovered within 20 minutes
• Suitable for multi-cell applications
• Wide Operating Temperature Range

Model Number CGR26650A

Nominal Voltage(v) 3.6

Typical Capacity(mAh) 2650

Diameter Inch (mm) 1.04 +0/-0.03 (26.5 +0/-0.7)

Height Inch (mm) 2.57 +0/-0.04(65.4 +0/-1.0)

Approx. Weight oz (g) 3.2(90)


• Portable Power Tools including cordless drills, impact drivers, saws, high torque wrenches
• Memory Storage with high rate demand
• Back-up Power
• Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS
• Medical Equipment

Please see the Li Ion page for more information on Panasonic's Lithium Ion product line.

In order to ensure the use of properly designed safety circuits with Lithium ion battery packs, Panasonic Li Ion cells are only available from authorized pack assemblers. For information regarding your specific application or an authorized Li Ion pack assembler, please contact Panasonic's technical and sales support: or go to our website at .

Panasonic Energy Co. has over 65 years of battery expertise and 25 manufacturing operations in 15 countries including the United States.

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