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Tradesberry™ Multi Tool
Includes LED Flashlight

The ultimate all in one tool for tradespersons, homeowners, executives and students.

Phillips Screw Innovation LLC Press Release - 8/26/2008
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Tradesberry™ Multi Tool

Tradesberry™ Multi Tool

BEDFORD, Ma. - Phillips Screw Innovation has created a line of exciting new and innovative products for home improvement projects, craft ideas, hobbies, boating, water sports, holiday gifts, apartment and home maintenance.

A unique and innovative idea is the Tradesberry Multi Tool. This is the ultimate tool for anyone who appreciates convenience and portability. Perfect for the tradesperson, homeowner, executive, or student; great for work, home, car, office, travel and more! Includes these 8 indispensable tools - Digital Calculator, Digital Clock, Compass, White LED Flashlight, Phillips Screwdriver with Anti Cam-out Ribs®, Stainless Knife, Tape Measure, Spirit Level with Laser, all in one easy to use tool!


• Digital Calculator
• Digital Clock
• Compass
• White LED Flashlight
• Phillips Screwdriver (#1 size) with ACR®*
• Stainless Knife (2" blade)
• Spirit Level with Laser
• Tape Measure (5 ft./1.5m)

About Phillips Screw Innovation LLC

Phillips Screw Company is a world leader in manufacturing high quality, precision-engineered, premium fastener systems including screws and driver bits. Now, 75 years after Henry Phillips introduced the screw and screwdriver that would become a household name, the company offers a new Phillips Screw line of consumer products from Phillips Screw Innovation LLC. The technology that is standard in the aerospace, automotive and commercial manufacturing industries is now available to anyone who appreciates superior, innovative, and reliable tools, fasteners, and other unique items.

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$ 39.99

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