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Freeplay™ Energy Debuts
New Products at Summer Market

Freeplay™ Energy is Proud to Announce Better Living Products and Solutions for Outdoor Experiences

Freeplay Energy Press Release - 8/26/2008
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Weza Portable Energy Source

Weza Portable Energy Source

SALT LAKE CITY, Ut. - Since 1994, Freeplay Energy has pioneered easy-to-use and extremely durable products that capture, store and deliver energy through human, solar and rechargeable Eco-Charge technology.

At Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, 2008, Freeplay Energy is proud to unveil a product collection tailored for outdoor aficionados.

"You asked and we listened. Consumers want to listen to their ipods while camping without needing costly, disposable batteries. The EyeMax now has a line-in to make that possible. Campers wanted a smaller Indigo Lantern for backpacking and we've answered with the powerful ML-1 Mini Lantern. The Freeplay 12V FreeCharge will now have the valuable USB charger to charge up ipods, blackberrys, or digital cameras," says Rahul Sharma, vice president, Freeplay Energy, North America.

Freeplay's outdoor-specific new products include the following: Carry the leading lantern on your next trip; the ML-1 Mini Lantern. The ML-1 Mini Lantern uses a patented Nichia® LED light source that is rechargeable, with a self-sufficient hand crank to generate kinetic energy that powers the lantern. It is a compact, lightweight (weighing only 300 grams) and never will require additional batteries, making it an exceptional choice when packing for your trip.

The durable, lightweight, and weatherproof ML-1 Mini Lantern features a cluster of ultra-bright Nichia® LEDs as the primary light source, as well as, a single Nichia® LED task light. It is also equipped with a dimmer switch that allows you to conserve energy. When fully charged, the LED primary light allows up to eight hours of amazingly bright light and up to 100 hours of night-light. Likewise, the smaller task light will provide up to 100 hours of continuous light when completely charged.

If your rechargeable battery pack goes flat, and you need to use the Freeplay Eco-Charge system hand crank for power, the Freeplay Eco-Charge mechanism converts over 74-percent of your kinetic energy into stored electricity.

The Freeplay Eco-Charge system is built around a custom designed, highly efficient alternator. The architecture of this patented system has been developed to maximize the ability of the user to convert human mechanical energy into stored electricity quickly and efficiently. The winder can be cranked in both directions and the harder you crank, the more energy you create. A crank level LED indicates the optimum winding speed, but only limitation to how much energy you can create and store is you.

A sturdy rubber bottom makes placement on uneven surfaces a non-issue, and an articulated handle makes it easy to carry or hang.

Additionally, the ML-1 boasts an AC adapter, removable battery pack and an energy efficiency meter. It is available in charcoal grey. $55 retail.

Freeplay is also introducing the FreeCharge 12V Kit. This is an incredibly convenient solution to charging any electrical device in the outdoors such as an mp3 player, Blackberry, GPS, and a digital camera. The FreeCharge comes complete with a USB car charger and USB cable. The FreeCharge converts 74-percent of energy generated through the hand crank into usable power for your device.

The FreeCharge 12V serves as a reliable, lightweight (weighing a mere 310 grams), and compact emergency device. The internal mechanics are up to industrial standards to endure repeated use for a long lifespan. Additionally, the FreeCharge offers extended storage life without any performance failures. It is extremely durable and splash proof and is available in blue. $40 retail. Lastly, Freeplay Energy is proud to introduce the EyeMax WB 2009. The popular EyeMax is more than just a solar and hand crank powered radio. It is equipped with a line-in input and cable that allows it to double as a solar powered speaker system for ipod/mp3 players.

The radio itself reaches AM/FM/NOAA stations.

When completely charged, it allows 24 hours of playtime. One minute of hand cranking will provide an hour of high quality sound. The high-performance solar panel provides more than two hours of playtime for every one hour of shine.

The EyeMax WB 2009 comes with an AC adapter and a line-in cable. It is available in rubberized stealth black and weighs in at 700 grams. $75 retail.

Please visit the Freeplay Energy website here. Also, the Freeplay Foundation website here.

Freeplay Energy is the original and leading global brand of clean, dependable energy products. Freeplay Energy's patented technology harnesses human, solar and rechargeable energy and converts it into electricity to power unique portable consumer products, replacing conventional disposable batteries that are environmentally toxic and expansive. The current range includes radios, flashlights, lanterns, mobile phone chargers and standalone foot-powered generators.

Freeplay Energy's Lifeline radio is distributed throughout the developing world by the Freeplay Foundation and other aid and development organization, such as UNICEF and other United Nations agencies.

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